View Full Version : Winning 8ball strategy Correction

03-25-2010, 03:24 PM
Recently I posted an example of a strategy for stripes who is shooting the 15 (below.)

In my original example (First dwg) I called for stripes to pot the 15 with a "no call", (meaning to give the next shot over to 8ball from the position shown.) In that version 8ball has two options... break out the 8 and hope he gets safe... or pot the 9 ball and give stripes ball in hand. This would result in stripes hooking 8ball and forcing him to try and bank/kick the 8 for safety.

-In this new version suggested by JJSTAR (fig 2) stripes starts off by rolling the 15 over the corner pocket. Now if 8ball pockets either 9 or 15, stripes now hooks 8ball with the a ball still over a pocket as a safety valve in case 8ball escapes with his bank/kick.

I felt leaving the 15 on the table was unnessasary as the hook would be very tough to get safe from, but After consulting with a pro player who I practice with frequently he agreed to this second option, it just about takes away any possiblity of 8ball winning this game. And that of course should be the reason for any strategy.