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Gayle in MD
04-12-2010, 10:00 AM
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The New Nazi's


The other day, I heard Rush Limbaugh tout the idea that perhaps we should put a halt to the ability of poor blacks and Hispanics in our country to have more babies, if they can’t take care of them. After he said it, he said “There, I said it!” What provoked the whole topic was a study where they found that liberal Americans are having less kids, and he says it is not because they are using birth control, but because they kill more of their babies by aborting them. So, instead of aborting them, he suggests, just controlling their ability to have them. Ok, Adolf. We’ll get right on that.

I’ve heard him laugh in the face of a young Christian man who advocated that perhaps there were peaceful ways to stop war. And laugh harder at the idea of returning to the ideology that helped form this nation as Nancy Pelosi suggested when she reminded us all of the Golden Rule; ‘Do unto others, what you would have done unto you.” When faced with these words, Rush Limbaugh (and unfortunately a growing number of people in our country who are turning toward this radical conservative mindset,) blatantly defy the ideas Jesus put forth, and ridicule their use in governing our land. And yet, they claim that Liberals are not adhering to the religious principals that built this land! And then, have the incredible nerve, to call those who say such ‘liberal’ and ‘weak’ things, the ones who are ‘evil ’ and adding to the decay of American society.


Ann Coulter, political spin doctor and author is one of three who make up what I would go so far as to call the Holy Trinity of the new Conservative Religion, with Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly at her side. She is another great example of someone who considers the liberal mindset as negatively as to call it ‘Godless.’ Which is the same as saying it is evil. The name of her book is Godless, the Church of Liberalism. Her idea of being more spiritual than a liberal, I guess, can be summed up in her words about the liberals in her syndicated column; “The "backbone of the Democratic Party" is a "typical fat, implacable welfare recipient"--- or perhaps better, in her words to the Vietnam veterans; "People like you caused us to lose that war."---MSNBC. Or no, the best example of her heightened spiritual awareness might be a quote from her visit on Hannity and Colmes show "God gave us the earth. We have dominion over the plants, the animals, the trees. God said, 'Earth is yours. Take it. Rape it. It's yours.' And she calls ANYONE else, ‘Godless.’

I have never been concerned that the Hitler regime could rise again; at least not in America. As a matter of fact, I used to get rather angered that as student, we even learn about it, in school. Why see such terror? Why re-hash the disgusting nature of man’s ability to fall to such depths of despair? It couldn’t happen again!! Now, I am wondering, if it could. Now I see, how very easy it is for someone like Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly for examples, to turn kindness to ‘weakness’ and to look at the weak as disposable. The mindset that I heard toward those left in New Orleans was the very first time I ever saw our blessed America, in another light. The attitude, of many conservative that they had ‘plenty of opportunity and plenty of time to get the hell out of there and that it’s their own fault,’ was just so disheartening. And so incredible! If anyone, like myself, were to rise up and say “But they didn’t get out in time. And some couldn’t’….their reply would simply be ‘well, then that’s their tough luck.”

Sound something like “Are there no prisons? Are there no work houses?” Yes, but the difference here is Ebeneezer Scrooge eventually did see the Light.

The Jews that Hitler slaughtered, more often than not, like the New Orleans dead and homeless, were unable to leave where they were, and unable to find places to hide from the terror of the Conservative Right Wing lunatics that called themselves the Nazi Regime. To hell with them then, right?

We are in grave danger of this sort of ideology rising in America. All that needs to happen is for a terrorist to strike again, and strike hard in our land. (And the likelihood of that is not lessening, despite the right wing insistence that the war is helping matters.) And then, an angered America, a ‘righteous’ America, will condone outright killing of Muslims, blacks, unwanted aliens, Mexicans, etc. It is already in the minds of many conservative right wing radicals and it won’t take much with a weakened economic structure in America to fall for the likes of Rush Limbaugh and others and to act upon these thoughts. This is exactly what occurred prior to WWII; the people of Germany were a desperate, poor people, vulnerable and angry. They fell, hook, line and sinker into the right wing radical mindset and looked the other way at killing.

Another reason to beware, is the number one watched guy on cable T.V. and number 3 in the Holy Trinity: Bill O’Reilly! He says that Liberals re-write history, when actually he is doing this in his attempt to convince Americans that there is a ‘new’ group that is demoralizing our country; calling them the Secular Progressive-ists. The truth is, our very founding Fathers could not be described any better, than a Secular Progressive-ist! We began as a progressive group with very liberal ideas that we were all created equal, for the Conservative idea from which they fled, in England, was that we were not. The English belief that we were against, was that we were born into an echelon of society, and some were indeed, more ‘worthy’ of certain freedoms, rights and wealth. This same attitude is what the conservatives are now doing again, under the guise of the ‘survival of the fittest’ motto, seen obviously in their reaction to Katrina. Maybe O’Reilly’s overly romantic and one dimensional view of ‘good and evil’ and survival of the fittest can best be portrayed by a quote from his book, the Culture Warrior; “My paternal grandfather fought in World War I, then became a New York City police officer. He was one tough SOB. I have his billy club in my desk drawer. It was well used.” OK, let’s move on.

Our country began by defying this Conservative ideology and we built our dear America on this foundation. The ones who are defying what America really is……are the current Conservatives such as I’ve mentioned and others who believe they have a right to decide who should have babies, and who should not. Who believe that if you are not as intelligent, or as wealthy as others, and make wrong decisions, such as to stay in a flooded city, you are disposable. These same people believe that killing is the answer to our freedom from being killed. They scoff at the idea that many liberals suggest, of protecting from within our borders, and strengthening our spiritual selves without religion which we feel only separates individuals, yet they label as ‘Godless.’ But we know that by doing this we will see spirituality blossom into a country of enlightened and truly free citizens. THIS is the America that Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin and others saw.

I cannot help but feel the need to point out that the way of Rush , O’reilly and Coulter, is like Hitler in that they blatantly use the same sort of tactics of gaining support for the spewing of hatred and division and pointing out reasons for war and reasons to fear others. There is a growing far right wing conservative mindset that CAN and possibly WILL cause hate and intolerance toward the less fortunate, to rise to such heights, that we could see a different America, in the not-so-distant future if we don’t nip this attitude in the bud. Rush’s talents are not ‘on loan from God’ but quite the opposite. Although he is one man, with one mission, so was Hitler. And there are many behind the likes of Rush, just like him. Never forget that little steps still get us to the same point of falling over the cliff as big ones do.

Rush, O’Reilly and Ann Coulter are doing nothing but sowing the seeds of the Nazi Regime in our own country. All we can do is shine the light on them, and hope they see it through their darkened vision.

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04-12-2010, 10:16 AM
A Liberal Guide to Debating Conservatives
Mar 31, 2010 Author Scot Cerullo

Liberals have long since learned that debating Conservatives can be a challenging endeavor, since Conservatives have a penchant for fortifying their arguments with facts, statistics, history and other elements that create convincing and thoughtful arguments.

Not to worry. The following are several tips Liberals can use right away to begin defeating Conservatives in every debate, every time.

Lib Tip # 1: Drop the Race Card: The moment your Conservative opponent begins crafting a cogent, air-tight argument buttressed in fact, drop the race card. This technique is designed to stifle further discussion, impugns your opponent and puts him on the defensive. Often, this is enough of a distraction to direct attention away from your lack of qualitative, quantitative evidence.

Lib Tip # 2: Impugn the Source: When debating a Conservative, content is less important than character. When your Conservative opponent states a compelling argument, do not address the argument and instead attack the Conservative personally. Since we are all sinners, it shouldn’t take long to find something wrong with your opponent. Use it.

Lib Tip # 3: Social Justice Trumps Logic: Argue every issue from a “Social Justice” or “Moral” high-ground. The Conservative will attempt to show that your ideas are unworkable, unsustainable or downright illogical. Don’t worry about any of that. Just stay on message by arguing from the moral, social justice perspective.

Lib Tip # 4: Exploit the Weakest Link: Define your opponent by his weakest link. If 10,000 Tea Partiers hold a rally, and one guy has a placard that is inappropriate, that is all you need to characterize the entire group as radical, racist militants. See how that works? It’s simple and fun and, most importantly, deflects all those awkward facts and articulate points away from the discussion and leaves the Conservative in a defensive mode.

Lib Tip # 5: Use “New Speak”: If health care is not a right according to the Constitution, and you want it to be a right, claim it is and then raise your voice. Raising your voice is always the best course of action in lieu of a good argument. Redefine words to suit your needs, and always be on guard for any stray, powerful fact or statistic the Conservative may use to support their position.

Lib Tip # 6: State the Opposite of what you believe: If you are in favor of taking money from producers and giving it to non-producers, that’s fine, but make sure your wording is a bit more obtuse than that. Try saying you are in favor of moral and social justice, and characterize everyone who earns a good living as somehow having won the lottery in life, and all those who want as being desperately hard-working folks who have an almost allergic reaction to hand-outs. Never imply or point out in any way that people can change their situation simply by making better decisions.

Lib Tip # 7: Define America by it’s Errors, not its Successes: Taking a cue from Lib Tip # 4, it is important to characterize America by it’s errors in judgement and misdeeds. It is critical that you completely overlook the good things America has done, and the manner in which it has beaten back one dictatorship after another. In fact, you must go to some lengths to divert people from the notion that without America, the world would be a far more dangerous, hostile, sad place. So talk about Indians and Slaves.

Lib Tip # 8: Blame talk radio and FOX news for fanning hate and racism: Avoid at all costs the fact that both talk radio and FOX news stand in defiant refutation of an otherwise fully agreeable media that presents only one template, a liberal template. Also, attempt to divert attention should someone ask why Conservative Talk Radio and FOX news is growing exponentially, while traditional, liberal media is closing offices, thinning their employees and running deficits like, you know, the government.

Lib Tip # 9: Government is Good: Insist that a massive expansion of government is a good thing. Assert that it is our patriotic duty to pay ever more in taxes so that a centralized government comprised of east and west coast Liberal elites can decide what is best for the unwashed masses, since it would be sheer lunacy to allow individuals the right to make decisions for themselves. If you run into problems, see Tips 1-8.

Lib Tip # 10: Assign Blame away from Yourself: Always assign blame to the other guy, preferably a Conservative. This may require rewriting history so that people may one day believe that Reagan did NOT usher in 25 years of prosperity, or it may require still more retooling of the content of public school text books. But over time we’ll get there.

Remember: The ends justify the means. No matter how cruel and violating the means may be, if it results in a mediocre society where all citizens ultimately suck off the the government for their most meager needs, it will all be worthwhile.

There is of course the small matter of where all the money for all these programs will come from. Right now, they come from spirited entrepreneurs, dreamers with drive and other people whose passion poses a direct threat to the new world we want to usher in.

But first things first. Learn the ten tips to squelch free speech, hurt your opponent with the intellectual equivelant of a kick to the groin and avoid facts, statistics and studies altogether, as those will get you in trouble.

Good luck Liberals! Battle on and remember what Dennis Prager said: The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen. Oh wait, no. You don’t want to remember that. My bad. Here, try this: From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. Yeah, that’s the one. Whew!

04-12-2010, 11:33 AM
That was just precious.

Why didn't you post up Debbie Schlussel's piece also ... the one where she shows that MOVEON.ORG is funded by nazis, demonstrating a direct link to nazi funding of the DNC.

Q and you have championed her as a truth teller and whictle blower.