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04-13-2010, 09:00 AM
We have from 10 – 20 players in an active retirement community. I want to design two handicapped system.

The idea is to have people sign up and provide their name and phone number for one, the other or both systems. A new player could establish a handicap with any other player by playing a race to 7 and then adjust the handicap after each subsequent match. Players can telephone each other and get a reasonable match any time they feel like playing.

We are a bunch of old guys (active retirement means people from 55 – 92 years old). None of these people are hustlers, though a few may have been, and at most we play for $.25 a game in a clubhouse with four Gold Crown IIIs. We are not concerned with sandbagging, hustling, etc.

The idea is to set up a reasonable handicap and then adjust as needed. Currently there is no handicapping system so we are starting from scratch.

Here is one proposed idea:
The standard match (8 Ball or 9 Ball) is seven games.
Long matches are 11 games for those who are better players or who want a longer match.
Handicaps range from 0 - 11

A new player begins with a handicap of three, unless they think their handicap should be higher or lower.

Handicaps are calculated as the number of games won / number of games played for the last 21 games played. New player handicaps are recalculated based on the total number of games played until they reach 21 games when the last 21 games are used.

Handicaps are recalculated after each match.

For match play the lower handicap must win the difference between handicaps in the race to 7. That is Player One has a handicap of 5.6. Player Two has a handicap of 7.4.
7.4 – 5.6 = 1.8 or two games. Player One must win five games to win the match while player two must win 7 games. In a race to 11 it would be 9 games to 11 games.

This seems like a reasonable handicapping system for our clubhouse. However, there may be problems and help with alternate suggestions and or modifications that will make for a fair system would be appreciated.

04-16-2010, 07:29 AM
Have you looked at Bob Jewett's handicap system? The link below is based on his system. We use this for an in house 9 ball league. Can be used for 8 ball as well. There is also a version for straight pool.

jewett handicap system (http://www.sfbilliards.com/argonne8.pdf) http://www.sfbilliards.com/argonne8.pdf

04-16-2010, 08:39 AM
Thanks Tony. This is an interesting and straight forward model that is well reasoned. It looks like the kind of thing that we want to use.