View Full Version : A nice Sunday tournament

04-21-2010, 04:23 PM
Hi all,

Last Sunday I drove to Le Wilton pool room in Nantes, in order to play a friendly 9-ball tournament. We were just a little bunch of players there, only 8, but we all played great as if it had been a bigger event. And we had a lot of fun as well of course - I personnally had a great Sunday out there.

Only 8 players, unfortunately, but this is just the beginning of US pool in this region. The general level of the players there is very low, but among the ones who came to this tournament, there were two excellent players : my coach and another serious player from Paris, who has already been France's vice-champion at 8-ball for example. It was nice to see two top players coming up there to play and meet lower guys. The prize money wasn't that high ( 10 to enter, 40 to the 1st, 30 to the 2nd and 10 to the 3rd), but the prime goal was to get together, have fun and show off US pool to the pool hall regular customers, kinda publicity for US pool in a way.

Regarding the tournament itself, as we were just a few guys, we all played each other in order to determine a ranking. It was a good idea because we could then play a lot of matches (race to 5). Then, following the group ranking, the 4 matches of real first round were set up with single elimination, followed by semi-finals and finale.

I really played great. A bit lower than at practice, due to 'competition stress' maybe, but I did play good pool of mine, certainly my best performance so far. Even if it was just a friendly tournament, I took each match seriously. It wasn't to show off obviously, but rather to test my recent long period of practice and drills in my pool room in Tours. So I played tough and seriously, taking time to analyse each situation and taking care of my fundamentals and pre-shot routine, each time I was at the table. As if it was an official competition in a way. And it payed off : I ended up 3rd - my first 'podium' ever!!! I lost 3-7 in semi-final, playing my coach, and then won 7-2 in the match for the 3rd place.

In the primary group matches, I only lost 3 matches. My best one was the semi-final playing my coach. He's a tough player, and I wanted to show I had improved alot following his advice since he moved to Nantes. I didn't miss alot, he was just better than me you see. I lost but I was happy I didn't play bad, I managed to stay focus on the table and not on the player. This tournament was really a big step forward regarding my play and mental. Now I know I can play great pool. My coach told me I've got all knowledge and skills required to move on and play important tournaments. He said now I need to meet oher players and keep playing tournaments in order to improve and get to the next step, even if I lose matches in big events.

I was very happy he told me that. Since he moved he didn't see me practice, and this tournament was an opportunity to me to show my improvement. I tell you what, hard work and practice pays off guys, never give up!! Now I focus on next season and I'm looking forward to make good results and go to national opens (opens organized besides regional competition for France championships, in order to gain points for national all-game ranking). So my 2 main goals for next season is first to pass all regional official competitions to be qualified to France championships (9-ball, 8-ball and 14.1) and my second purpose will be to play as many national opens as possible to meet good players and gain experience.

Anyway, I really enjoyed last Sunday in Nantes. I hope there will be more players to play this kind of local tournament in the long run. Pool needs players to show it off and attract more people.