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06-05-2010, 04:43 AM

In January the NRA, in conjunction with the Illinois State Rifle Association, sponsored Women on Target, a female-only firearm education and marksmanship class held at the Chillicothe Sportsmen’s Club in central Illinois. Instructors Richard Pierson and Kevin Monk placed a strong emphasis on gun safety while offering instruction on proper grip and thumb placement, shooting stance, sight alignment, functioning of revolvers and semiautos, and the different types of ammunition available for each.

Illinois State Trooper Don Filkins presented an overview to the class of how to legally purchase, sell and transport firearms in the state. The women also received instruction on the cleaning and maintenance of firearms, as illustrated by Kevin Ioerger and Dan Peckenpaw. Following three hours of classroom instruction and a break for lunch, the women took to the range to fire .22 pistols at paper plates. Each shooter received one-on-one guidance from a range instructor, all of whom had volunteered their time.

Many of the students have spouses in law enforcement or who are hunters, and some, such as Sharlene Bentley, were sent on suggestion from their husbands so that they could become comfortable with the firearms that are in their home. Though she had shot a gun before, Kathleen Dunbar had not fired a firearm for 20 years and came to the class to brush up on her skills. Cathy Azbell used to shoot with her dad and sought training for personal protection; she plans to follow up with target practice on a regular basis.

Upon graduating from the six-hour course, students received an NRA certificate of completion as well as a package of materials designed to reinforce the day’s training as the women move forward as new shooters. Pierson concluded, “The first few hours of handgun experience set the tone for the rest of one’s shooting,” and learning a healthy respect for firearms while diminishing the fear of them is what Women on Target is all about. Classes have a waiting list. Cost $40. Contact the Illinois State Rifle Association.

06-05-2010, 07:19 PM
Its good to see woman in the shooting arena. The more the better.