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02-27-2002, 01:05 PM
If I'm not supposed to post things about my events here I won't. Just let me know. As for me I enjoy hearing about tournaments on the net especially since I don't care for a couple of the prevailing mags.I will have ads out well in advance plus my two web sites.
April 1st thru 5th, 2003 in Pigeon Forge,TN I'm having One Pocket, Bank Pool, Eight Ball and Straight Pool.$200 entry fee and the room rate is $69.I'm also staging an amateur affair.Diamond tables, 860 Simonis cloth and the pro-cut pockets.Open to everybody. There will be a dress code.
It is my fervent desire to begin a trade show(booths are only $400) in conjunction with a great tournament where everyone is treated the same.
Pigeon Forge is a dry city so drinkers can either go 5 minutes either way or you can bring your own drink to the table but the staff isn't allowed to touch the alcohol.It is also a religious community which is fine.You just can't curse or throw money all over the place.But as usual my stuff is open all night.
I am also about 99% done with a thing in West Virginia where I intend to have a Onehanded tournament, Scotch doubles, One Pocket and 14.1.And 400 amateurs.Please lend as much support as you can.I think I can obtain TV once I get past the first or second event.I am having a Celebrity Pro-am and a charity tie-in.Unlike Hopkins,Braun,Mackey,Hearns, etc. if you are already a very good player or you plan to become one you won't be discriminated against by Grady Mathews.You'll always be welcome to play in my tournaments whether I get TV or not.
I'll be glad to answer any questions.

02-27-2002, 01:22 PM
Is that $200 entry for each tournament? Refresh my memory as to what your two websites are.

One more thing, if you so despise Allen Hopkins, why did you put his picture in your book?


Mike B.

02-27-2002, 01:41 PM
Congrats Grady. Looking forward to being at Pigeon Forge.
When will you have the hotel info ready?
Can't wait til you do something in Northern Kentucky.

02-27-2002, 01:51 PM
Hi Grady. I'm very interested in playing in one of your events, and am looking forward to this one.

Here's my question: I will probably only play in the 14.1 event. Will a portion of my entry fee go to an "All-Around" prize fund, or are entries set aside fully and specifically for the tournament from which they were generated?

I will play in either case... I was just curious. Thanks, and best of luck with the event!

- Steve

02-27-2002, 02:24 PM
Well Done Grady!

Looking forward to seeing and talking with you at the the spring open...

Keep promoting!

02-28-2002, 12:02 PM
I just wanted to add that Pigeon Forge is also a large tourist setup, with shows and shopping a-plenty for families.

Of course, it helps to like Country music. . . .

02-28-2002, 12:26 PM
Entry fees are $200 per division.No money is going towards an all around.I'll have all the prize money posted in my flyers and posters although it won't be as good as my past events because I just cannot afford to lose money any more on my tournaments.If the turnout is as good as I expect the second year will be a lot better.
Hotel info will be on my ads and posters, etc.My websites are www.poolbilliards.com (http://www.poolbilliards.com) and www.Gradymathews.com (http://www.Gradymathews.com) but I don't have the tournament info up yet.

02-28-2002, 12:29 PM
I forgot to answer one thing about Hopkins.I was asked if I despised him so much why was his picture in my book? Because he is a great player but you'll never hear him say that about another pool player. And because the book went to print before he really alienated me.

02-28-2002, 01:23 PM
A trade show is a great idea! And open to the public? With a pro-event at the same time?
Man, good thinking, i don't know how you get such great ideas!