View Full Version : More BP Employees Speaking Out

Gayle in MD
06-23-2010, 09:09 PM
Mr. Mark Kovak is speaking out from Alaska, about BP's shipshod operations there. Mr Kovak, in an interview, aired on CNN, Anderson Cooper's program, said that there have aready been too many of his fellow employees, injured, and dead, because of BP's negligence.

Pipes erroded, worn out parts, not replaced. Not enough employees to keep watch over broken and weather worn pipes throughout the North Slope.

Mr. Kovak fully expects a huge disaster there, in Alaska, and soon.

Fellow emloyees were also interviewed, supporting Mr. Kovaks statements, saying they did not want their names used, or to be filmed, as BP has a long history of relieving, or harrassing employees who speak out against unsafe company policies. they agree, it is coming....in Alaska...

Mr. Kovak stated that he was not at all surprised about what happened in the Gulf. the disaster in the Gulf made him angry enough to come forward, regardless of whether he loses his job, or not.

BP has been responsible for a number of disters in Alaska, not the scope of the Gulf Disaster, but Mr. Kovak says that it is coming, and soon, and likely to be worse.