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07-16-2010, 03:15 AM
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">22 Statistics That Prove The Middle Class Is Being Systematically Wiped Out Of Existence In America

The 22 statistics that you are about to read prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the middle class is being systematically wiped out of existence in America.

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer at a staggering rate. Once upon a time, the United States had the largest and most prosperous middle class in the history of the world, but now that is changing at a blinding pace.

See proof of the Middle Class extermination --&gt;

So why are we witnessing such fundamental changes? Well, the globalism and "free trade" that our politicians and business leaders insisted would be so good for us have had some rather nasty side effects. It turns out that they didn't tell us that the "global economy" would mean that middle class American workers would eventually have to directly compete for jobs with people on the other side of the world where there is no minimum wage and very few regulations. The big global corporations have greatly benefited by exploiting third world labor pools over the last several decades, but middle class American workers have increasingly found things to be very tough.

The reality is that no matter how smart, how strong, how educated or how hard working American workers are, they just cannot compete with people who are desperate to put in 10 to 12 hour days at less than a dollar an hour on the other side of the world. After all, what corporation in their right mind is going to pay an American worker ten times more (plus benefits) to do the same job? The world is fundamentally changing. Wealth and power are rapidly becoming concentrated at the top and the big global corporations are making massive amounts of money. Meanwhile, the American middle class is being systematically wiped out of existence as U.S. workers are slowly being merged into the new "global" labor pool.

link (http://www.businessinsider.com/22-statistics-that-prove-the-middle-class-is-being-systematically-wiped-out-of-existence-in-america-2010-7)

Q...... 22 statistics (http://www.businessinsider.com/22-statistics-that-prove-the-middle-class-is-being-systematically-wiped-out-of-existence-in-america-2010-7#83-percent-of-all-us-stocks-are-in-the-hands-of-1-percent-of-the-people-1)

07-16-2010, 05:00 AM

If you look at their first piece of "PROOF" we find that in 1962 the top 1% held 62.9 times the average household wealth. By 2001 that had shrank to 33.6 times as much.

In 1962 top 1% held on average 8,724.7 times as much as the bottom 40% of families on average. By 2001 that edge had shrank to 33.6 times.

In 1962 the top 1% held, on average, 2,181.2 times as much as the middle 20% held ... again on average. By 2001 that had shrank to 297.4 times as much.

From 1962 through 2001 the bottom 40% saw their wealth increase by a factor of 6:1. The middle 20% by a factor of 10:1. The top 10% by a factor of 3.825:1. The top 1% by a factor of 1.363:1.

Remember ... I'm using your source and their first piece of "PROOF" supports a completely opposite result than the one they loaded on the spoon for you.


07-16-2010, 05:02 AM
"PROOF" #2:

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">More Upper-Income Workers Living Paycheck to Paycheck </div></div>

proved nothing at all about the middle class ... however it did back up the portion of "PROOF" #1 which clearly showed that the higher income earners were seeing their wealth grow more slowly.


07-16-2010, 05:41 AM
What is your point?


07-16-2010, 06:27 AM
I am now 133% below poverty level.

Under new health care rules I qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid. Yippi!!! My life is complete.

Somebody please shoot me.

07-16-2010, 06:30 AM
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Qtec</div><div class="ubbcode-body">What is your point?

Q </div></div>


<u>Point #1:</u> You don't actually have a point in your original post.

<u>Point #2:</u> That you blindly accepted the premise of the author.

<u>Point #3:</u> That you blindly accepted the "EVIDENCE" witjhhout even a cursory examination.

<u>Point #4:</u> That the author of the piece knew from experience that far left readers world wide would blindly accept whatever they wrote so long as he had a spiffy anti capitalist headline.

<u>Point #5:</u> That the actual "EVIDENCE" presented by the author destroys his conclusion.

<u>Point #6:</u> Due to that, the author of the article was either a total idiot or an agitprop.

<u>Point #7:</u> That you have been hoist by thine own petard again.

After the "TAX CUTS DIDN'T RAISE REVENUE" debacle that you inflicted upon yourself yesterday I had hoped against hope you would have learned to look at the actual data the spoon feeders use.


07-16-2010, 06:36 AM
On a side note if you want to see a huge boost to the middle class we need to remove NAFTA, re-energize our industrial complex support American products first.

Yes it may cause trade wars. What of it?

07-16-2010, 07:18 AM
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: qtip</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Death of the Middle Class<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: lww using qtip's link for data</div><div class="ubbcode-body">From 1962 through 2001 the bottom 40% saw their wealth increase by a factor of 6:1. The middle 20% by a factor of 10:1. The top 10% by a factor of 3.825:1. The top 1% by a factor of 1.363:1.
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: qtip</div><div class="ubbcode-body">What is your point?</div></div></div></div></div></div>I pulled out the part that you struggled with, hopefully this will be easier.

qtip this is proof that you don't need to bother offering us your opinion, since you obviously don't have one. All you have is the ability to regurgitate what someone else thinks and as long as it agrees with what you want to portray you will post it.


07-16-2010, 08:55 AM
To add to Q's misery ... his source clearly shows that, of the year ranges given, the top 1% did the worst during the Reagan years while the middle class did the best during the Reagan years.

Leftist mythology almost always will turn to dust faster than Dracula in Havana at noon when exposed to even the slightest examination.


07-16-2010, 10:58 PM
I know it's rude to pile on ... but following the recent boorish denial of facts and the total fabrication of "TRUTH" from some far left members, I don't mind piling on.

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Perhaps because they take all their race cues from liberal activist groups, the media ignored how blacks actually prospered in the Reagan years. <span style='font-size: 11pt'>Even the liberal Joint Center for Political Studies estimated the black middle class grew by one-third from 1980 to 1988,</span> <span style='font-size: 14pt'>from 3.6 million to 4.8 million.</span> <span style='font-size: 11pt'>In addition, black employment from 1982 to 1987 grew twice as fast (up 24.9 percent) as white employment. Real black median family income rose 12.7 percent from 1981 to 1987,</span> <span style='font-size: 17pt'>46 percent faster than whites.</span> But reporters evaluated Reagan based on the evaluations of liberal friends, not hard data. </div></div>
&gt;&gt;&gt;TRUTH VS TRUTHINESS&lt;&lt;&lt; (http://www.mediaresearch.org/specialreports/2004/report0604_p4.asp)