View Full Version : Your RICH Uncle...

02-27-2002, 03:26 PM
You're sitting at home one day and the doorbell rings. You answer the door and it's your rich, 93 year-old Uncle from out-of-town.

You welcome him in and after asking how he has been (you haven't seen him since last summer when he surprised your ENTIRE family with a free 14-day cruise aboard the QE2 to the Greek isles), he tells you:

"I have met me a young lady and I'm gonna marry the gal. I'm 93 years old and I'm not gonna live forever and I'm tired of bein' lonely. Her name is "Candy", you might remember her from that Las Vegas revue show they had on the ship last summer. She's only 18 and if I get my way about it, I'll soon die with my clothes on the floor and a smile on my face! Now, before I find myself at Heaven's gates, I wanna buy you that _____________(fill in the blank) that you've always wanted for that crazy pool hobby of yours."

My question for you is: What would you buy? Remember, You get ONE item only!

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