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08-27-2002, 02:33 AM
When i was 18 yrs old a guy i met in a pool tournament got me a job at a pool hall in Columbus,Ohio called Cornfed Reds. After i began working there guys i met that were in the pool scene asked me if i had met Cory Deuel. I kept telling them i had no idea who he was. One night my buddy that got me the job and I were shooting on one of the tables when another buddy of his came in and joined us. My buddy introduced the guy as Cory. We began shooting a ring game for the hell of it and this guy Cory made everything. I just stared in amazement (I was new to the scene and was just learning). After about an hour of embaressment I asked how he had gotten so good. He laughed and as we were walking out my buddy pointed to a big tournament check (the ones they present for TV) and it had Cory Deuels name on it. I nodded my head like "so?" and he laughed and said thats who we were just shooting with. It turned out that my new friend was one of Corys best friends. From then on out i sat and learned as i watched guys like cory and chris barcham and dee adkins shoot all the time. It turned out Cornfeds was there home pool hall. Because of watching and playing with these guys I've gotten into pool big time and have gotten pretty good for only shooting a short period of time. When i met cory he was just getting started on the pro tour and its pretty cool to see how far he's come. He's a hell of a guy and glad to say he truly helped me become the player I am. Theres no doubt in my mind he's going to be on top for a long time. It true the better the guys are that you play, the faster you'll get better.

08-27-2002, 08:29 AM
I agree. I think that he has many more years ahead of him. Being ranked #1 has its pressures and in my personal opinion he has dealt with it pretty well. There might be some critics who say otherwise, but I think Cory is a great role model for the sport for anyone, young or old.
I like Cory and I wish him the best of luck!

PoolChick02~knows Cory is only going to get better

08-27-2002, 08:30 AM
This is a very interesting story. One of the greatest things about pool is how close these stars are to everyday people.

There is no other sport where a professional will play the average Joe. Could you imagine Michael Jordan showing up on a neighborhood basketball court for a pickup game, of course not. Can you imagine being at a golf course looking for a forth and Tiger Woods asking if he can join in, yeah right.

But there are alway stories about pool fans being at a pool room and playing with some of the top players in the world. In my eyes, that's what makes pool better than any other sport.

08-29-2002, 06:14 PM
I agree PoolFan. After only being involved with billiards for a little over 3 years i've played (or been embarressed by i should say) several pro players and numerous amateurs who are well on their way to being pro's. Another thing that makes the sport interesting is the different personalities you see in billiards. You never know what type of person you'll end up meeting in a pool hall. As for you PoolChick, your right when you say Corey has a lot of years left in him. Anyone that starts that young is in danger of getting burnt out on it but knowing Corey i've been to clubs with him and just about anything else you can imagine. He takes his pool seriously and puts in his practice time each day but he makes sure to partake in other things. Thats why he'll be a great and long lasting champion.