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08-28-2002, 10:24 AM
I understand that they are saying if you go 2 and out, you do not cash. But I have also read that if you are 49-64, you do not cash. So, my question is.....if you are ranked 33-64 and have to play the first round which you WIN, then you lose in the 2nd round and then also your next match, you place 49-64, do you get any prize money? You didn't go 2 and out, but you ended up in last. The same place as if somebody did go 2 and out. AND, are the points the same?

08-28-2002, 10:47 AM
Belinda Campos was 0-2 and finished 33/49. Won money and earned tour points. Jake

08-28-2002, 11:06 AM
So...the payout is based strictly on the flow chart. I knew that the top 16 would have guaranteed payback, and I was willing to give them (a brief) benefit of the doubt, about their reasons for their byes, but I never understood not getting a reward for winning at least 1 match. Ya know?

08-28-2002, 02:00 PM

My friend here is decision 3 it covers the money question.
Belenda Campos was ranked # 16. at the start of the tournament.


Decision 3: Only 48 places will cash in Classic Tour events as follows

1 10,000 9/12 1,600
2 7,000 13/16 1,400
3 4,500 17/24 1,200
4 3,000 25/32 1,000
5/6 2,500 33/48 500
7/8 2,000 49/64 0

*** The Board will discuss prize structure for the US Open and the WPBA Nationals at the Peoria Board meeting, and its decisions will be disclosed to the players at that time.

The new prize structure meets some key objectives: a) all coming higher than 49th cover at least their $500 entry fee, b) the top half of the field cover all expenses of participation or better, c) every top 16 seeded player is guaranteed to cash for at least their entry fee in every classic tour event and d) there has been 2,100 added to the TV round, offering greater compensation to our most successful players, bringing our payout to TV round players up to a respectable 35% of the total purse, as compared to 32~ in our last classic tour event in San Diego. A broader comparison follows:

WPBASD New Method Increase(Dec)
Top 4 22,400 24,500 9%
Top 8 31,800 33,500 5%
Top16 43,800 45,500 4%
Top 1/2 57,400 63,100 10%
Bottom Half 12,800 8,000 38%

Whether you look at the top 4, the top 8, the top 16, or the top half of the field, each of those groups will do better as a result of the new method for prize money.

In short, the Board has a very positive message to send out to our top 16 you will make a greater percentage of the purse and, as you will get your bye back, it will be easier to finish higher. In addition, you will always cash for at least your entry fee. We similarly have a very positive message to send out to those who aspire to be in the Top 16  as long as you do not finish last, you will always cover entry fee and if you come in the top half of the field, you will always cover your total cost of participation. And when you do break into the Top 16, you'll get a bye. The one sad message we must convey is to those who frequently finish in last place  when you finish in last place, you will not cash. We understand that this may frustrate you, but the membership feels that this is at it should be.