09-26-2010, 04:52 PM
I am sorry to report that there is an 80% chance i won't make it this year. My Dr's have given me the ok but their bills are killing me financily. I may as tell everybody what is wrong. All the tests done so far have shown that I have had tia'S, LVH(please look it up, just type in lvh) and I also have a blocked left carroted artery that the vascular surgeon is going to put off doing until after the holidays. And last but not least is i have an aortic regurgatation problem. The medical bills were just to high and i cannot save enough money to come.If things change i will let you know, but as of right now please remove my name from both lists I sure will miss everybody if i do not make it. But know that i will be there in spirit..luv you all my friends.....mike