View Full Version : A tribute to Johnny and an ode to the democrooks!

10-08-2010, 05:18 AM
Well they're having an election all across this land, they’ve got 25 days to go

And the whole country's waitin' just to see them leave, they’ve got 24 days to go

Well they gave us Obamacare by a dirty deal, they've got 23 days to go

But nobody asked us how we feel, they've got 22 days to go

Well we’ll fire the governors and the whole dern bunch, they've got 21 days to go

And we petitioned the congress, but they’re out to lunch, they've got 20 more days to go

Then the speaker said folks I gonna make you pay, they’ve got 19 days to go

So we laughed in her face and say bye bye, she’s got 18 days to go

Now hear comes the media for to save their souls with 13 days to go

And they’re talking bout' Bush but it’s getting so old, they've 12 more days to go

Now they're testing the ballots and it chills their spines 11 more days to go

And the ballots and the machines, aw they work just fine, they've got 10 more days to go

Well they’re waitin' on a miracle that'll save a moonbat, with 9 more days to go

But this is for real so forget about that, they’ve got 8 more days to go

With both feet in their mouth and their head up their arse, they’ve got 5 more days to go

We’re about to vote and cut them loose, with 4 more days to go

We now see the truth through all of their lies, with 3 more days to go

And it's too dern bad that they lived by the lie, they've 2 more days to go

They ignored the voters and hid from the crowds, they've got 1 more day to go

And now we’re voting and there they go-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!