View Full Version : Johnathon Alter Debunks Dinesh D'Souza- Interview

Gayle in MD
10-24-2010, 10:51 PM
On Sunday "After Words" segment of C-Span, Book TV, Johnathon Alter, inverviewed the overly the overly excitable, exasperated irrational D'Souza's slanderous and ridiculous assertions against President Obama. While DS admitteed the irrationality of accusing the President of beig a secret Muslim, or a Socialist, as he completely twists this President's desire to have other Middle East countries work with the United States for Global peace into Anti-colonialism, Jhonathon Alter completely destroyed D.S., and his ridiculous assertions, in the interview.

Admirers of the President, should check out the interview, as it is a true pleasure to watch Mr. Alter debunk one by one, each of D'Souza's ridiculous and slanderous statements, taken oall of the taken out of context, cherry picked in the true RW tradition of politics of personal destruction, and laying bare while exposing D'souza's irrational exuberance, for denial of facts, and twisting of documentation.

D'Souza made a complete fool of himself, as Alter brilliantly led him, over and over, back to the trough of reality, throwing the facts in his face as he went.