View Full Version : Meeting my 1st CCB'er--- Lessons w/ Scott Lee

Ralph S.
09-01-2002, 01:47 PM
Well, I finally met my first CCB'er in Scott Lee. Oh yeah, I did get some lessons too!! Spending time with Scott on the tables was a great experience. We spent all day and most of the early evening on the lessons and later went out and did some room hopping. I was very impressed with the his knowledge of the game and even more so about how he was able to teach it and simplify so many things. I will admit that I had some doubts but they were quickly erased before we put the first rack of balls on the table. My advice to anyone considering the lessons from Scott: DO IT!!!!!! He also is very good at making it entertaining. He had an 10yr. old boy on the next table making a 5 ball trickshot on the first try. That kid was so impressed he remarked you are the best pool player I have ever seen! We spent from 1 PM until 9PM on lessons alone and then went out to shoot til almost 2AM in the morning. The guy is as funny as he is good at pool too. I asked about others on the CCB he has met as I am looking forward to meeting as many as possible in the future. I am looking forward to our next round of lessons and night out playing. Thanks Scott, it was money well spent IMO.
Ralph S.

09-01-2002, 02:13 PM
Scott's energy and love of the game is truely a pleasure to see.. and he teaches and passes on this love to all that want it..

What a life... and he gets to meet so many pool players..