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10-30-2010, 04:53 AM
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Comrades, as I drive around here in the North East it is apparent that something dire is happening. The trees are dying! Everywhere I look their once green leaves are turning yellow and red. Leaves are falling from their majestic branches and litter the ground. Even the squirrels are desperately scurrying about picking up nuts and caching them away for what they must surely sense is the end of the world.

The climate change deniers can no longer ignore these obvious signs of our impending doom.

Meanwhile, the fat-cat conservatives are using wood fuel that comes from chopping down our few remaining oxygen-producing trees and stoking their CO2-belching fireplaces with it, just so they can stay all warm and cozy.

I hate them.........Conservative Earth Killers.

They keep calling these abnormal alternating warm and cold cycles " seasons "....like it was a natural occurrence ! Next thing we're likely to hear is that the Earth is tilted and our climate-shifting catastrophe has always existed........

All they think about is their precious " self-sufficiency " in such matters.......how convenient. These potential terrorists should instead be looking to the federal government to keep them warm, like Obama said they should. Both he and loyal socialist bureaucrats must be allowed to fully run our society to keep scenes like in the photo above from happening !

You sure can bet that this President has never been so desperate as to be forced into chopping-up firewood for his own welfare !

Seasons? Don't make me laugh (HA!). Seasons are just a social construct (like race) that has been used for centuries to cover up for the wild climate swings indicative of man caused global warming/cooling.

And the the Earth's tilt? That is clearly the result of too many people living in the so called temperate zones. The Earth is going to flip from the sheer weight of industrialized cities full of people (like the Island of Guam which has too many Marines).

And why do people choose to live in these temperate zones? GREED! That's right, the greedy want to live in a comfortable climate, condemning millions of poor folks to live near the equator, drowning in their own sweat.

We must redistribute people equally over the planet's surface and while we're at it, cull a few million.</div></div>

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