View Full Version : Republicans Fight for the Rich, F. The Unemployed

Gayle in MD
11-18-2010, 05:49 PM
The Party of the big 6 corporations, recievers of billions upon billions of dolllars, which bought and paid for Republican seats, to assuage their endless greed, have suspended unemployment benefits for those who have lost their jobs, through their struggle to survive the Great Bush Recession.

These same repiglicans, plan to refuse to suspend tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, many of them those same CEO's, of the big six, responsible for Middle Class, industrial and manufacturing jobs, being outsourced, polluted our environment, creating many of the ill among us, and destroying the lives of those known as the Great American Middle Class, among the hardest working people in the world, as they approach ruin the midst of The Great Bush Wall Street Ponzi Scheme.

What a fine display of standard, unAmerican, Repiglican, Christian Values, for all of our hungry children, to celebrate, and embrace, as we approach the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.



11-18-2010, 06:19 PM
And now krappynomicysts will finish the job -- the usofa iz going down.
The usofa will be giving priority to.....
...... cutting the deficit (whatever that meens).
...... low inflation (whatever that meens).
...... low interest rates (will happen for sure).
...... a rizing Down Joes (wont happen).
...... a high usofa dollar (wont happen).
...... hi confidence (ie confident banx and ceo's etc -- wont happen).
...... oh, yes, and low unemployment (expekt depression).

Gayle in MD
11-18-2010, 06:56 PM
With the same SOB's who put us into the ditch, back in majority, a depression wouldn't surpirse me.

We will likely lose the slow but steady progress that President Obama, and the Democratics, had fought so hard for, and worked so hard to achieve.

The Repubicans have seen to it already, that these next months will bring the chill of hungry desperation, for hundreds of thousands of Americans, and their children. These pigs can justify borrowing more than seven hundred billion dollars, for tax cuts for millionsaires and billionaires, that could pay for 700,000 jobs, and stimulate the economy, a proven fact, but wont spend twelve billion dollars to give unemployed Middle Class Americans an extension on unemployment, to help them get through Christmas.

It is truly criminal, and inhumane, what they are doing, and I can only hope, that somehow, they get what is comimg to them, in return, for what they have done to my country.


11-19-2010, 03:47 AM
Why didn't they use "PAYGO" like they promised?