View Full Version : Welcome to the idiocracy that is America.

12-03-2010, 05:23 AM
I am truly amazed at what is accepted as "TRUTH" by large sections of America simply because the party says it is the truth.

Among these beliefs:

1 - The problem is high unemployment. The claimed answer to high unemployment is continued unemployment because continued high unemployment is the most efficient way to grow the economy.

2 - The problem is slow economic growth. The claimed answer is to have the state soak up all the available capital which otherwise would be funding economic growth.

3 - The problem is that people aren't spending enough discretionary income. The stated solution is to take the discretionary income away from those who have it.

4 - The problem is too much carbon in the atmosphere. The stated answer is a fleet of coal powered cars.

5 - The problem is an annual deficit which is too high. The stated answer is to increase the annual deficit.

6 - The problem is too few people have medical coverage. The stated answer is to make medical coverage harder to get.

7 - The problem is medical care is too expensive. The stated answer is to raise the costs of medical care.

I could go on, but those who would get it already do while those who don't get it by now probably never will.