View Full Version : UPA : What game do the grown-ups play ?

09-03-2002, 10:39 PM
The ongoing US Open shambles, and the ridiculous Strickland saga has me wondering ... what game do all the grown ups play ? ... clearly it's not nine ball.

On a serious note, the UPA's handling of these issues is doing substantial damage to the sport. Pool needs this like a hole in the head. Their "resignation" of Earl is juvenile, and regardless of their reasons for the stance on the US open, their handling of that has a vindictive air about it.

While the children pout, take their balls away, throw their friends' lollipops in the trash can, call each other silly names and pretend to be lawyers, promoters and business people, what are the adults up to?

I'm at a loss. I'd really like to play more 9-ball tournaments, but don't think they make diapers my size.

So, hey, while I'm waiting for the mommy's and daddy's to wake up (or sober up, maybe), what you do think of a game of three cushion ?

Pizza Bob
09-04-2002, 09:29 AM
While you can't really compare the goings-on of the UPA / Open with a small room-run tournament like the Annual Pete Sinkler 14.1 tounament that just took place over this past weekend, I can say that what was refreshing, other than the choice of games, was the lack of politics present. No whiners, no prima donnas just people who really love the game and demonstrated same by participating in a tournament like this.

Before you dismiss this as totally irrelevant, allow me to point out that some of the participants are rather well known: Allen Hopkins, Dan Barouty, Jack Colavita, Sr., Steve Lipsky as well as a host of local playres.

Unfortunately, I was only able to attend on Friday night, but nothing leads me to believe that it could have ever degenerated into what we are currently witnessing with the UPA/Open controversy.

I guess the thing we can take away from this post is that regardless how bad things get in the pro pool world, no matter how many times they shoot themselves in the foot, there will always be people who play for the pure love of the game. Thanks for listening (reading).


Pizza Bob