View Full Version : To all UPA players

09-03-2002, 11:01 PM
You may follow Charlie's lead and not play in the open this year. But you are not just hurting the OPEN> you are hurting the game as well. We are all fans of yours and we buy your sponsors products mainly because you people endorse them. By you not playing this year you are hurting yourselfs and your sponsors and your fans. Just because the UPA is not sanctioning it this year does not mean that you cannot play. Atleast that is what i gather from the UPA. Stop hurting the fans your sponsors and the OPEN. It has been around alot longer than the UPA has and has alot more prestige. remember what happened when all the/you players followed Mr. Mackey and the PBT.Please do not let this happen again. What do your sponsors think of you not playing in the Open this year. Think of the publicity they can get when this year it goes on pay per view. So please do not let your fans and your sponsors down..how would your sponsors like it if we (the fans) decided to boycott them. After all that is what this is. a Boycott.....mike