View Full Version : Should automatic BCS bids be tweaked?

12-05-2010, 03:04 PM
We could debate playoffs and all that good stuff... but looks like the BCS is here to stay for at least a little while.

And this year, unless you're a TCU fan, there's very little controversy over how the system worked out.

The projections are:
BCS title game: Auburn(1) vs. Oregon (2)
Sugar Bowl: Arkansas (7) vs. Ohio State (6)
Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech (15) vs. UConn (unr)
Fiesta Bowl: Oklahaoma (9) vs. Stanford (4)
Rose Bowl: Wisonsin (5) vs. TCU (3)

The rankings may move around a little tonight after the new BCS standings are released, but my main gripe is that UConn by virtue of winning the Big East will be in a BCS game with 4 losses and unranked! Meanwhile there are at least 15 other more deserving teams that will not benefit from the huge BCS payday.

Now I totally do understand that the big conferences get an automatic bid, generally deservedly so. But should they tweak the requirement for an automatic bid, even from the big boy conferences? Much like a team must have 6 wins to be bowl eligible, perhaps you should have to have ten wins to be BCS eligible...

Just some thoughts..


12-06-2010, 08:34 AM
The Orange bowl is going to be a boring one to watch. I surely don't care about seeing UConn play football.