View Full Version : Obama screwed the pooch!!!

12-09-2010, 10:05 AM
No easier way to put it. He did not do anything to jump start the economy, he created a few fake jobs that went away after a year or force more hardship on the states to cover, he raised UE to astronomical levels and it keeps rising, he promised to not raise taxes on the middle class but his healthcare bill did just that, he forgot to tackle W tax cuts sooner when there was time to use his leverage, spent more money in two years than every other President in history over a 4 year period, and passed an HC bill that cost the middle class now but they cannot take advantage for 4 more years.

I think the Reps should hold their ground and not approve anything out of the House right now. The American voters have already stated they do not believe the current members of Congress in the House are capable of doing a good job. Let the cuts expire, show the Americans that Obama was a liar, once again, move forward with something that makes more sense.

The new congress members should force the PayGo bill into every single penny of new spending and not make one iota of compromise at all. If you want to spend money, then find it in the current budget.