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12-10-2010, 09:54 AM
Ever wonder how our federal government got so far in debt, or how it has grown completely out of control?

Here's a fine example.

half of federal hires in the past several months have been at starting salaries over $100,000, says Seattle career coach Robin Ryan. And by some estimates, the government needs to hire more than 270,000 people by late 2012 just to keep "mission-critical" functions up and going.

http://hotjobs.yahoo.com/career-articles..._n=hjEOI_YToday (http://hotjobs.yahoo.com/career-articles-10_well_paid_federal_government_jobs-1458/fpusrsrc=today?WT.mc_n=hjEOI_YToday)


12-10-2010, 11:04 AM
Wow, the guy giving out pills to the veterans makes as much as 4 guys he dispenses to combined.