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12-16-2010, 05:54 PM
http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_tax_cuts;_...mluYWxodXJkbGVm (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_tax_cuts;_ylt=AsnJkBxqcbpLZnVD8rrmt1sSq594;_ylu =X3oDMTJwcWY4NnRuBGFzc2V0Ay9zL2FwL3VzX3RheF9jdXRzB GNjb2RlA21wX2VjXzhfMTAEY3BvcwMxBHBvcwMxBHNlYwN5bl9 0b3Bfc3RvcmllcwRzbGsDZmluYWxodXJkbGVm)

<span style='font-size: 14pt'>Temporary funding for the federal government expires over the weekend, and Democrats want to enact a pork barrel-stuffed spending measure before conservatives take over the House in January.</span>

They just refuse to understand that spending money on pet projects, at a time when the economy is in shambles, is one of the reasons they will be out of power next month.

Will they ever learn? They just want to make that last grab at whatever they can get before the Reps take over.

As Gayle would say....they're repulsive!


12-17-2010, 04:01 AM
It is IMHO treasonous that they have been so guilty of dereliction of duty.

They were cowards that didn't want the electorate to see their next spending binge before the election ... and now they are trying to buy their way into post service wealth by repaying all the special interests.

They have had a year to handle this ... and did nothing until the last second.

I hope it does force a shutdown.


12-17-2010, 04:46 AM
Have you been watching Fox, listening to Rush and reading Newsmax / WND? If so, you are badly informed.

PORK (http://billiardsdigest.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=329918#Post329918)


12-17-2010, 05:14 AM
At a rough estimate, I'd say that 30% ... probably more ... of the US budget is pork.


12-17-2010, 07:46 AM
Q. Read Sack's post on the earmarks in the bill...the links are there...the facts are there...no matter how much you would like to deny it.