View Full Version : $15 dollars for a new OB-2 shaft!

12-21-2010, 05:19 PM
I just found out about this. Maybe everyone else knows it already, but just in case not, I'll mention it.

I had the local cue mechanic 'clean up' my OB-2 shaft when I got a new tip put on it, and it got its condition back to like-new for about $15 or so (that was without having dings that needed to be worked out).

It looks almost brand new (the chalk and other dirt have been taken off, almost entirely), but more importantly, it FEELS brand new-- totally smooth again, a beautiful silky feel.

I had never had this done before, and so just dealt with dirtier and dirtier shafts that didn't glide through the bridge hand so well. Never again! I liked it so much I immediately had the backup shaft done as well.

If you haven't tried this, do. It is marvelous how such a cheap service adds so much back to the feel of the shaft.

Rich R.
12-22-2010, 07:23 AM
Phil, the only problem with having a cue mechanic clean up a shaft is that they usuallly just put them in the lathe and sand them. This will take a litte wood off each time and the shaft will slowly get thinner and thinner with each cleaning. I'm sorry, but there are a number of other ways to clean a shaft that are much less destructive to the shaft.

You can get a lot of grime off of a shaft just by wiping it with a damp paper towel. Once or twice a year, I clean my shafts with a damp Mister Clean Magic Eraser pad. I've heard of some dampening the paper towel or the Magic Eraser with alcohol instead of water. I have also heard of others cleaning shafts with lighter fluid. I have only used water and can not vouch for the other fluids, however the water will raise the grain in the wood and requires some burnishing. The other fluids may or may not raise the grain.

After any of the methods mentioned, I may lightly go over the shaft with a Q-Whiz, using the coarse side if necessary and I definitely go over them with the burnishing side.

If you have some dings, there are a few methods of getting them out, other than just sanding.

Note: since you are already using an after market shaft, it may not be a big deal. You can always buy a new shaft. For those of us who are using custom cues with matching shafts, it would be a little more expensive, and maybe impossible, to replace a shaft from the original cue maker.

Another note: IIRC, the OB-2 shaft is a laminated shaft and some of the other methods for cleaning may not be good for the glue holding it together. There would be some risk involved.