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02-28-2002, 08:39 PM
Hello friends,
Eventhough,I in the past,anounced that I am moving on with my life,I could not hideaway from CCB.I thought that I should come out of my exile to extend my support to WPBA when it needed.I like WPBA-it`s players,Organization and it`s elected office bearers and it`s old guard.Over all,I think, they know what they are doing even though every one of us may not agree with every aspect of their style of doing the buisiness.I know some of the WPBA`s leaders very well and they are very cautious and coservative in their decission making process.They are working hard to improve and retain the good image of pool,the organization and it`s members.They are really concerned about the survival of Professional pool.By the way I did not have the chance of any cotacts with it`s leadership in the recent past as I am away from home( I have been hanging around downtown in Auckland,Newzealand.Ofcourse playing pool with their top pros)Hence I do not know what happened in the recent incident and I am not expecting to get any info.
Every decission made by the WPBA`s leadership may not necessarily have an out come of their expectation but they in general show reasonable judgement in their decission making process.
I like WPBA and I give my strong support to that organization and it`s leadership .

Vagabond--- BTW I updated my profile

Rich R.
03-01-2002, 06:24 AM
It's always good to hear from you, Vagabond. Let me assure you that many of us that have been critical of the recent WPBA happenings, only have the best interest of the WPBA in mind. We want to see the WPBA grow and prosper. It may be just time to shuffle the members of the BOD a little. Change is not necissarily a bad thing. Rich R.