View Full Version : Completely vague Dippy Dave action report, LOL!

01-16-2011, 09:38 PM
Got a call from my hitting partner on Tuesdays, who'd just been called by John Foster, co-owner of the Corner Pocket where we play on that night.

Seems one 'Dippy Dave' was lining up a highstakes game (probably one-pocket) with Nick Varner at that very moment.

Neither of us could go (awww!), so I don't know 1) if the game was ever matched up, 2) what the weight and stake was, 3) who, if anyone, won, or 4) jack sh!t about much of anything! (But I'll find out.)

Meantime, I DID hear about Dippy Dave's story, which is remarkable as it was told to me.

Guess the guy is way less than a shortstop player, but wants highstakes action at any and all times (when he isn't playing highstakes poker) from world-class players, from whom he demands HUGE weight (14-4 in one hole was one example I heard). And the lure of easy money has gotten him games with a lot of them, with wins/losses quoted at $80k, $300k (and one reneging on a loss to Scott Frost).

There have been similar types in pool history, motherlodes of money who go off for huge stakes with big weight, but this guy is the only one I've heard specifics on.

Anyone know of this guy's rep who could share a story about him?

Rich R.
01-17-2011, 06:23 AM
Dippy Dave's name is David Peat. He is definitely a high stakes poker player and I have seen him on TV a number of times. In the poker world he is also known as "Viffer".
It seems Dave likes to play high stakes pool as some kind of hobby. Of course, what is considered "high stakes pool" is just pocket change for a high stakes poker player.
Per another forum, he was in a lot of action during the last BCA nationals in Vegas.
Dippy recently had a challenge match with Alex P. and it was on TAR. Alex gave him 18-4 in a race to 13 in one pocket for $20K each. From what I read on another forum, Alex won the first set but they played a second set, which was not broadcast on TAR, and Dave one that set. I don't know if they ever played a third set.

01-18-2011, 11:59 PM
Thanks for the additional information.

Got the update when I went back in. It wasn't Nick Varner, but Nick VITO! (Foster has bad laryngitis right now, and can barely talk, so my buddy probably misheard.) I've seen Vito play John Foster several times, getting the 8, and it's fairly close but John mainly wins.

Vito gave 15-5 to Dave, and won $1,500 the night I got the call. The night I went in for the update, they were playing again, same weight, but $400 a game.

Dave appeared distracted, took phone calls while at the table, otherwise had earbuds on, and it seemed Vito was the favorite again (didn't stay).