View Full Version : sardo questions and best local tourney in midwest

09-05-2002, 08:18 PM

Can this be the best local tourney in the midwest. Upscale strip club, granito cloth(bar table), $15 entry(house adds $5 with no cover for pool players on tourney night) open tables, sardo tight racks, red circle cue balls. sounds pretty good doesn't?

My question is this: I bought a new sardo from the owner but didn't get any instructions to go with it. is there a procedure for "setting" a table? I read once there was but in my haste to use it I skipped that step and just used it. The super pro aramiths don't rack perfect(3-4 years old).

A sidenote all you married guys will appreciate: Before my wife and I left for the tourney I asked if I could buy the tourney's extra Sardo. Of course she said no. So of course when she was playing the match I got the owner to go outside and meet me there to buy it. I was going to keep it under wraps for a week or so so maybe I could minimize the blow up. Of course two days later a buddy came over to gamble and I had to break out my new toy to use. When my wife came down she was to be expected but since I had company I survived the first onslaught. When later that night she found out that I won more than the cost of the sardo(120), ( I won 140) I was out of the doghouse. Who else has gotten in trouble over buying pool stuff. A month ago I bought a refinished schon(retail 1100)w/ a 314 shaft for only 450. She didn't see the value.

09-05-2002, 08:53 PM
Please post a photo of the guy who sold you the Sardo for $120. Then, if I see him coming, I can pull the alligator act. (That's when you drag ass) Dangerous dude!