View Full Version : Aussie Open

01-29-2011, 04:07 PM
SO last night I couldn't sleep and wound up watching the Women's finals of the Australian Open. What a great match! Women's tennis has certainly gotten a lot better that it was last time I paid attention.

Na Li certainly looked like she was going to run away with it at first. But after winning the first set, at 2-2 in set 2 she seemed to just collapse. Kim Clijsters changed up from trying to play a power game with her and went a little more finesse... which seemed to really tire and frustrate Na Li. But there was a great ebb and flow to the match and plenty of hard fought rallies.

My only disappointment was that Na Li, in her frustration, started losing it a bit and spent a lot of time complaining about the crowd. Some of it was justified, but it got to where seemingly every other game she had a gripe. This is the final of a major, you've got to be able to handle the stage!

But afterwards she was quite charming and graceful. So was Clijsters, as she always is.

It was a lot of fun to watch. If I can't sleep tonight I hope the men can live up to the bar these ladies set!