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Gayle in MD
03-15-2011, 11:14 AM


Dear Friends and Voters

This week, voters in North Carolina were treated to a slew of stories detailing alleged or actual misconduct from misconduct in Washington, D.C. to our own state. I will not repeat the Washington, D.C. scandals - you already know about Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay and Mark Foley, just to name a few.

What I am concerned with is the scandals here. Has the NC-GOP Mafia discussed this? No, not a word will you hear from them. They are too busy going after Connie Mack Berry, Jr. for the crime of exercising his right to vote.

Instead of concentrating their efforts on Mr. Berry's activities and depriving him of his right to vote, it would be a welcome change if the NC GOP-Mafia, their operatives and the mainstream media would devote attention to where the real problem seems to lie - with the Republican judges, attorneys or officials. Since the NCGOP-Mafia will not tell you about their activities, I will.

1. Judge Evelyn Hill, who resigned because of her statements and treatment of attorneys. If she had not done so, she was sure to face removal from office because the attorney complaints were mounting.

2. Judge James Ethridge, who lost his law license and was disbarred for swindling an incompetent old woman of her property.

3. Judge Doug McCullough, who was charged with DWI and speeding this past weekend.

4. Judge Mark Badgett, who is being investigated for misconduct and misfeasance in office after numerous attorneys and the district attorney called for an investigation. He also is accused of failing to reveal his business dealings with an attorney who won several cases before the judge.

5. Senator John Carrington pled guilty and was sentenced for illegally exporting weapons to foreign countries.

6. Sam Currin, former head of the NC GOP and a criminal attorney, pled guilty for his involvement in laundering money in a securities fraud scheme.

7. Although it has not been discussed, we have Justice Martin's questionable campaign expenditures to be reveal next week. What do these people all have in common? They are all Republican.

Are you tired of this kind of unethical and corrupt behavior yet? Early voting begins next week. Now is the time to make your voice heard that we we are tired of misfeasance and misconduct and that we expect better from our leaders.

Best Wishes,

Rachel Lea Hunter



Gary Robertson sees no GOP wrongdoing, smears Dems
Submitted by usernamehere on Sun, 01/24/2010 - 10:35pm
mainstream media
Republican hypocrisy
A piece by mainstream media servant Gary Robertson is running all across North Carolina.

In it, you'll read names of former Democratic office holders that were in trouble with the law.

What won't you find? One - just one - name of a "troubled" GOP politician. Of course they exist, they just don't fit dear ol' Gary's story of woe for Dems.

Robertson reaches all the way back to 2003 to name former Ag Commissioner Phipps as a troubled Dem. Does he reach back as far for troubled GOPers? Ha!

Hey Robertson, it's 2010. Phipps was released in 2007. Got any new news to report? Been able to do any research in the past 3 years?

Republican bad boys include former GOP state senator John Carrington (why isn't he mentioned more with the LEA story)? He plead guilty to illegally sending technology to RED CHINA for chrissakes. It happened in 2005 -- two years after the Phipps story.

Former GOP state Rep. David Almond's scandalous episode has been linked to here profusely and forgotten by the scandal mongers in the mainstream media.

And of course former GOP Rep. Cary Allred who resigned in disgrace last year (that's 2009), just doesn't rate for Robertson's storyline.

It's a damn shame when facts and linear time get in the way of your story isn't it, Gary?

Looking forward to the follow-up on GOP scandals. Do me proud and do some research next time. There's plenty GOP scandals to report on if you care to.

You can even reach back a few years if you feel like it - just like you did for the Dems.

Read more: http://www.bluenc.com/gary-robertson-sees-no-gop-wrongdoing-smears-dems#ixzz1GgmSv32K

03-15-2011, 11:35 AM
Taken from a 4 YEAR OLD campaign web site of a radical left winger who has had two failed campaigns for judicial positions in the state. A woman who has come under very close watch of the NC Bar association for her "questionable" campaign tactics.

She has never been a judge or justice. She is a lawyer who probably couldn't get elected dog catcher.

But she is a Dem, so that's all that would matter to the original poster.

BTW, her CURRENT web site home page is filled with her sour grapes crying about how the NC Bar has turned on her, if you want to get a line on who she really is.