View Full Version : Fox Stars deny birtherism-- meaning?

04-03-2011, 01:56 PM
The two highest ranking Fox shows have been the O'Reilly Factor and the Glenn Beck show.

Both O'Reilly and Beck splash cold water on the birther movements.

One might think that this kind of 'admission against interest' from these giants of conservatism (cough, well you know what I mean!)-- these influential voices on the right, anyway-- might serve to make those who otherwise agree with them on most things, think twice, reconsider birtherism, and cashier it to the trash heap of once-plausible, but now confirmed wrong theories.

That may or may not have occurred. (I don't see much evidence of it, but then I'm not a rightie to have seen all the places this might have taken place).

The OTHER possibility, I suppose, is that THEY ARE IN ON IT. Actually controlled by the dark overlords who (allegedly) imposed Obama on the country to ruin it, ordered to quash this true criticism, using their otherwise strong standing in the Fox Nation to backstab those courageous truth-tellers who continue to push this theory.

I know that Alex Jones considers Beck a Trojan horse, a tool of the dark overlords who only tells the truth a little so as to gain credibility for his real job of carrying water for the Evil Ones (TM).

There IS a third possibility (at least)-- that given Bill-O's and Beck's shaky grasps on facts and clear thinking, they are just unfamiliar with the compelling facts the birthers have raised, so they have formed their opinions without sufficient regard or knowledge of so many facts, as, for example, the verified and undisputed findings of Techdude via Atlas
Shrugged. (This just in-- they are neither verified nor undisputed-- but work with me here).

Besides, there are the OTHER Fox Stars (of lesser magnitude, of course, but add them all up), who do line up with the birthers, so maybe that assuages any doubts for the Fox Nation who might otherwise begin to question whether there's anything to this at all, based on the Fox mega-stars' condemnations?