View Full Version : BRAVO DEMS! 4 Blocking Repubs 4 Cancer!!!

Gayle in MD
04-07-2011, 04:49 AM
The Democratic Majority in the Senate, has rejected Republican efforts to block the Environmental Protection Agency, from regulating Green House Gasses!

BRAVO! Thank goodness, we still have a Democratic Majority, in the Senate, and a Democratic President, to hold back the fascist Republican Grand Oil Party.

The measure would have repealed a 2009 finding by Federal Scientists that carbon dioxide, and other heat trapping gasses are endandering human health and the environment, which obviously Republicans don't care about, since caring about our air and the health of our planet, cancer causing carcenogenics, OIW, our collective health, might cost them some campaign dollars, from the polluting corporate pigs of America.