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04-07-2011, 06:21 PM
Not sure what to make of this.
It sounds like man made Geothermal but it also sounds like oil production.

<span style="color: #000000">A new technology, radio-frequency (RF) heating, can store massive amounts of renewable energy by heating heavy oil deposits, and producing liquid fuels without CO2.

At the same time the electric grid can be stabilized as the heating load is adjusted to track sudden changes in grid power levels, according to Canadian Patent 2,643,380 issued March 22, 2011 to PyroPhase Inc.

CHICAGO, April 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Canadian patent 2,643,380 was issued March 22, 2011 for a method to store variable wind and solar power as heat in heavy oil formations, including oil sands and oil shale, and assigned to PyroPhase Inc. US Patent No. 7,484,561 was previously issued. Presently wind and solar power amount to less than 2% of US total electric generation because they require costly backup plants to supply power when wind and solar are not available This method can use variable and off-peak power because it stores radio-frequency energy as heat in North America's multi-trillion barrel heavy oil formations. It converts this resource to fuel for refineries in amounts 5 times the electric energy input. The method provides a market for wind and solar power to meet a proposed goal of 20% of electric generation, while eliminating a source of CO2 emissions from fuels production.

Because this method uses power whenever it is available, and is instantly interruptible, it stabilizes the electric grid. It compensates for fluctuations in wind and solar power input and also in users demand. This reduces the need for spinning reserves, i.e. power plants that run all the time to meet sudden load changes, and thus waste fuel.

PyroPhase was founded in 2006 by researchers who originally developed the RF technology at IIT Research Institute in Chicago. The work was funded by petroleum companies and the US Department of Energy. The technology was described in earlier patents such as 4140180 and 4144935.

PyroPhase has developed plans to scale up and commercialize this technology. A 10,000 barrel/day plant could be built in 4 years at a cost in the order of $100 million, including 5 million for pilot development and 20 million to scale up to commercial module size.

For additional information visit the web site below.

C. Dino Pappas, Director of Development
PyroPhase Inc.

04-07-2011, 06:24 PM

<span style="color: #000000">
PyroPhase is an intellectual property company heavily engaged in the production of energy from unconventional resources. Our scientists and engineers are expert in the application of innovative technologies along with a healthy dollop of secret sauce know-how to enable otherwise inaccessible oil to be profitably extracted.

The emphasis of our company is on the utilization of radio frequency technology to heat and recover bitumen, kerogen and heavy oil. We have two ways of doing this, one that works like a microwave oven underground (PyroPhase Array) and the other that utilizes RF skin effect heating (PyroHeater). More information is available on our Products page.

We recently received a patent (7484561) for a novel method of regulating the power grid, PyroStorage. When wind, solar and other intermittent energy sources are used, the grid can endure unacceptable fluctuations. As renewables garner a bigger slice of the generation pie, storing that excess power may be impossible. Our method acts as a storage battery, but unlike other battery technologies, we return 6+ times more energy than was consumed in the first place. All this while allowing large scale renewable power generation to become viable. reducing America's dependence on foreign oil, and reducing CO2 production in unconventional resources by over 30%.

In addition to our RF heating technologies, we offer simulation capabilities using state of the art multiphysics software from Comsol. We would be happy to discuss your steamflood, waterflood and CO2 injection production stimulation needs. With our expertise, we can help you determine an optimum economic recovery method.

PyroPhase was established in late 2006 and has been working on advancing oil recovery technologies ever since. Our specialty is in the area of in situ electromagnetic heating, simulations and production analysis. Our clients would include tar sands and oil shale land owners, oil companies and interested government entities. Our business is located in Chicago, IL and Spokane, WA</span>

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Nuh -- something stinx i think.
Just for starters u would hardly ever hav surplus wind and surplus solar, unless u made lots and lots and lots ovem -- wont happen.

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I believe it site specific.

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We already have a massive wind energy storage facility...it's called congress!