View Full Version : Krauthammer: Dear leader's speech a "DISGRACE"

04-14-2011, 09:46 AM
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">"I rarely heard a speech by a president so shallow, so hyper-partisan and so intellectually dishonest, outside the last couple of weeks of a presidential election where you are allowed to call your opponent anything short of a traitor. But we're a year and a half away from Election Day and it was supposed to be a speech about policy," syndicate columnist Dr. Charles Krauthammer said about President Obama's speech. </div></div>
OH DEAR! (http://realclearpolitics.com/video/2011/04/13/charles_krauthammer_on_obamas_speech_it_was_a_disg race.html)

04-14-2011, 10:10 AM
He is already campaigning. I think he found out that it is easier, and he is more qualified to campaign than he is to actually be president.


04-14-2011, 12:08 PM
That is a great point, Steve

The Moron himself admits that he has a 'gift' for speaking obviously translates well in campaigning but just as obvious doesn't convert to leadership of America.

Even the repeated lies get overlooked when told by a good orator.

04-15-2011, 03:06 AM
Dear leader seems to believe the world is ran by the aggressive use of speeches.