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09-13-2002, 02:55 AM
I'm trying to find a book or video that focuses (exclusively if possible) on a daily pool training regimen. I've read a number of books with excellent commentary on the pool fundamentals mostly with scattered excercises.

I started off a few years ago with Kanov and Stauch's Precision Pool, which had a good grasp of the basics and a few good drills, e.g. line drills, circle drills, etc. Byrne's standard and advanced books are great from what I've read; exhaustive is a better word, but they are more than what I need at the moment. I got Martin's 99 Critical Shots (really good book, by the way), which is the closest thing to what I'm looking for so far, since it has a list of progressively difficult shots to work on, but it focuses almost exclusively on making particular shots, when that is only one part of my game that needs improving.

What I'm really trying to find is two to six hours worth of excercises/drills that I can work on daily to improve a variety of skills involved in pool (specifically 8-ball and 9-ball at the moment). For example, a warm-up drill followed by shot drills, followed by run-out drills, etc. I've sort of pieced together my own workout, but it usually devolves into random shotmaking and finally rack after rack of games against myself (at least until opponents start showing up). I'm trying to find a more efficient way of using the numerous hours I spend at the pool hall.

I've been considering The Lesson or Basic Training Exercises by the Monk; and Byrne's Power Pool workout video. Does anyone have any advice here?

09-13-2002, 03:31 AM
I suggest that you get Bert Kinister tapes.The shotmakers workout is a very good tape & tape No.1 also.Good luck.


09-13-2002, 08:33 AM
Books and videos that I thiink would be helpful for the area you are looking at are:

Videos - Kinisters 60 minute workout, the angles and speed series of tapes (3)tapes, the short-middle-long series of tapes (4)tapes. link is bertkinister.com

George Fels - A Smarter Way to Learn Pool

Capelle's - Play Your Best Pool see billiardspress.com

Recognize my bias, but I also think my book "Black Belt Billiards" would be very helpful for what are looking for. Info at

Hope you find this information helpful.

phil in sofla
09-13-2002, 12:27 PM
Bob Henning's 'The Pro Book' is a strong candidate for what you want. He has a series of about 16 exercises in each of maybe 6-8 areas, from shots, banks, kicks, safeties, etc. Most exercises have two or three variations (greater cue ball travel after the shot), as well as 'border areas' shown for how far off the reference line the shot is still viable. Each exercise comes with a date grid for charting progress and percentages of success. And the rest of the book is a complete reference to a training regimen, from practicing variations, physical, nutritional and mental training, etc.

Any of the materials mentioned that deal with multiple drills (Byrne's Power Pool, the Monk's 'The Lesson,' Kinnister's '60 minute workout,' etc.) would benefit anyone who worked through them, and it may be somewhat hard to pick the best. That may vary with the shooter's skills and needs. However, the Monk's book has about 100+ or so drills, and is designed to develop your stroke and shape skills, so it might be among the leaders, along with Henning's material.

9 Ball Girl
09-13-2002, 12:52 PM
I would also recommend by Phil Capelle, A Mind For Pool - How To Master the Mental Game. This book focuses on your mental mistakes, how to play under pressure, overcome anger, adapt to the playing conditions, how to compete successfully in leagues, tourneys, and money games, and more. It helped me.

Wendy~~Phil Capelle fan

09-13-2002, 03:03 PM
I agree, the pro book has some very good setups to practice. I bought it, and it has helped me. I will say that it is pricey, especially considering the many pages of "blank" filler that you are supposed to fill out yourself. One copy of each blank chart would have been fine, but the author filled dozens of pages with multiple copies of the blank forms. His book would have been a lot thinner without the filler, and harder to sell at $40.

Bert Kinister's 60-minute workout video is the best drill video I have ever seen.

Bob Felcher shouldn't try to write about pool.


09-13-2002, 03:16 PM
If you are willing to pay, I would definetly recommend Bert's video on 60-minute workout. Also, 99-critical shots is great for drilling yourself on the most common shots. Lately there have been a bunch of great web sites offering some really good practice drills. I particularly like tableskills.com because they have a few defensive/safety drills that are good. Here are others that I've found...


Hope this helps,

09-13-2002, 05:16 PM
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. Kinister's video seems like what I am looking for. Has anyone tried his advanced 60-minute workout or the shotmaker's workout video?