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05-05-2011, 03:33 AM
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">ABBOTTABAD, Pakistan, May 4---"When they first built that huge house, we were like 'Who does this guy think he is?'," said next door neighbor Omar Nassahmaraamahannadan. "It was like he was flaunting his wealth, to build a house 8 times larger than everybody else's."

Ramed Mohammed Al-Jeezera, 41, a neighbor across the street, remembers watching the Bin Ladens unload their U-Haul truck. <span style='font-size: 11pt'>"I said to my 6 wives, "Check this dude out. He looks like he just crawled out of a cave."</span>

Residents say that not long after their new neighbors had moved in did they begin to notice strange behavior coming from the new place. In the summer of 2005, local children playing near the property told their parents that a 6' 6" foot man with a long beard would run out shaking his fist yelling <span style='font-size: 11pt'>"You damn kids get off my lawn!"</span> Shortly afterwards, a 15 foot high concrete wall topped with barbed wire appeared around the property. "He wasn't very friendly," said 7 year old Ali Samirabad. <span style='font-size: 11pt'>"I think he hated children. He wouldn't even pass out candy on Halloween. He was just mean."</span>

Another neighbor, demanding anonymity, said that they kept cows and chickens in the backyard, but "they never picked up the cow crap in their yard."

The fire department was called several times due to reports of smoke coming from the backyard. "It smelled real bad," said Akmed Mohammed Mohammed, the neighbor who lived behind the Bin Ladens. "At first I thought they were cooking chitlins, but it turned out they were burning their garbage. Couldn't they put it out on the tree lawn like everybody else? They also didn't sort their recycling." Other neighbors noticed that they wouldn't turn off their lights in observance of "Earth Hour".

<span style='font-size: 11pt'>In April of 2007, Osama received a citation for flying an Al-Qaeda flag in clear violation of the neighborhood association's regulation that prohibits the display of any flag on one's property. After having to take the flag down, an irate Mr. Bin Laden vowed "jihad" against the association's board of directors.</span> Nothing ever became of the situation afterwards.

The Bin Ladens were reported to be party animals. "They would throw loud parties all the time," said Kandahar al-Bibi, 28. <span style='font-size: 11pt'>"There were camels parked all down the entire street just about every Saturday night."</span>

Perhaps the strangest fact of all is that this million dollar mansion had no internet connection. <span style='font-size: 11pt'>"I began to notice somebody named 'BushCan'tFindMe61' kept connecting to my wifi network,"</span> stated neighbor Habib Hadid, 32. "I then realize it had to be the people next door. I couldn't believe they couldn't afford to get their own internet service, seeing the kind of mansion they lived in."</div></div>

There goes the neighborhood. (http://thepeoplescube.com/peoples-blog/osama-not-liked-very-much-by-neighbors-t7185.html)

05-05-2011, 07:18 AM
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Nassahmaraamahannadan</div></div>Holy crap that is a long last name.