View Full Version : FREE $300 Viking Cue for your help!

09-13-2002, 04:32 PM
The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour is in need of a location for our SE Regional Championship, $5,000 Added event.

The ideal location will have at least twelve 9' tables, serve food and beverages.
Also, the pool room must have a Pro-Shop that sells cues and other merchandise.

Any leads would be appreciated. However the ideal location would be in North Carolina or Northern Georgia.

We have in that region approximately 500 players that are qualified to play in the event.

If you have any leads, please contact Mike Janis at 1-800-200-POOL or e-mail me directly at mikejanis@worldnet.att.net

When contacting me please include....
Name of Pool Room
Owners/Managers Name
Address & Phone #
# of tables in room and sizes.

If you put us in touch with the room that will host our event. I will give
you a $300 Viking Cue.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

Mike Janis
The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour
Viking Tour Information - link below