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05-19-2011, 04:58 AM
Roughly 25% of the way through, my predictions:


1 - Atlanta Braves. Actually third, 2.5 back.

2 - Philadelphia Phillies. Actually in first.

3 - Florida Marlins. Actually in second.

4 - Washington Nationals. Actually fifth.

5 - New York Metropolitans. Actually fourth.


1 - Cincinnati Redlegs. As long as I get this one right I'm happy ... and so far, I have.

2 - Actually third.

3 - Actually second.

4 - Pittsburgh Pirates. My surprise team in this division is still surprising folks.

5 - Chicago Cubs. As picked, and fading fast.

6 - Houston Astronomicals. As picked, and stick a fork in them.


1 - San Francisco Giants. *DING*.

2 - Los Angeles Dodgers. Actually third.

3 - Arizona Diamondbacks. Actually fourth.

4 - Actually fifth.

5 - Colorado Rockies. Actually second ... but I said they could finish higher because of a weak division.


1- Boston Red Sox. Actually third, but charging hard after a woeful start.

2 - New York Yankees. As picked.

3 - Tampa Bay Devil Rays. The surprise team in this division being in first.

4 - Toronto Blue Jays. As picked.

5 - Baltimore Orioles. Also as picked, another sad year for Marylanders.


1 - Detroit Tigers. Actually second.

2 - Minnesota Twins, LAST? I don't think anyone picked that.

3 - Chicago White Sox.Actually fourth, Adam Dunn still the most overrated player in the game.

4 - Cleveland Indians. I don't think anyone picked them first either?

5 - Kansas City Royals. A Actually third, but sinking like a stone after a good start.


1 - Texas Rangers. *DING*.

2 - Los Angeles Angeles of Anaheim. Actually third.

3 - Oakland Athletics. Actually second.

4 - Seattle Mariners. As picked.

Three of my four NL playoff picks are in the playoffs if the season ended today. Two of four in the AL.