View Full Version : ANOTHER New Pool Hall Opens In Brooklyn

09-14-2002, 05:01 PM
The fourth new pool hall to open in the southwest part of Brooklyn in the last nine months will begin operations on Wednesday September 18th.

They don't even have the sign over the entrance yet so I don't know the name of it will be, but it is on 8th Avenue between 40th and 41st Street. The W, N, and R trains will get you there, ...err here, as will the B63 and B70 buses. It is a fairly small room with about 10 9' tables and a snooker table. I'm not sure what kind of tables they are yet. I don't think they're top of the line, but they look decent.

They keep building them closer and closer to where I live. This one is half a block away. That should be convenient enough. PM me if your going to stop by, I'll walk over and meet you. Cool.


09-19-2002, 12:01 AM
The new pool room opened last night. The tables are not Gold Crowns IVs, but they look like GCIVs except with wheel counters on the rail. I forgot to see what brand they were, but the one I played on played well. No roll out whatsoever and the cushions were lively. Oddly, the cloth didn't seem to be stretched close to evenly. There are ten 9's, two full size snooker tables, and a red clothed table pool table that I didn't check out. It might have been an 8'.

The tables are a little close together but it will have to do. I suppose it will be a sort of neighborhood room. There was complimentary beverages and food treats for the opening.

The Chinese and were out in force and looking for action, some of which I partook in.

Around midnight, motorbikers outside put on quite a wheely show for a while, doing all kinds of wheel stands up and down a two block stretch.


09-19-2002, 06:57 AM
Half a block? That is handy!
Wish we could get a few rooms around here, seems like many of the places that were in the area ten years ago have gone away (though it looks like one may be reopening soon).
Around here (Rockford, IL area) it's hard to find real tables. Seems that any tavern with more than two bar boxes is calling themselves a pool hall nowadays.