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09-15-2002, 05:38 AM
16-player field-one day event-started at 12 pm sharp-I left when the final match was started at 12:30 am-whew,long day:
7/8th-myself&Holly Ryan?
5/6th-Holly Schick&?
4th-Cathy Bello
3rd-Michelle Allen
And the final match between Julie Ha and Angel Paglia-
Cuechick or anyone else who was up there-can you make correctons and tell us you the winner was?
Have a great day,ALL!

09-15-2002, 08:34 AM
Angel Paglia won it- score maybe 7-3. It started off with Julie jumping out 2-0 on Angel's mistakes-then Angel caught up at 3 i think-Then she ran a two pack. Julie didnt get many chances after that. I don't remember who came in 5-6th with Holly

09-15-2002, 09:09 AM

Do you mean that only 16 showed up or was the field limited?


09-15-2002, 09:32 AM
Thats all that showed up. it was going to be a 2 day event.It was never really advertised anywhere that i saw and the players in the know would be smart to keep it quiet I guess. No one with a NY spot bothered to play. Still smaller than i expected though. Does the WPBA have any advertising requirements for a qualifier? Guess that would be hard to define/measure.

09-15-2002, 09:50 AM
Well, there was a major headache with this event, anyway. John Leyman wanted to host a invitation-only, 16-player Q for the WPBA Amsterdam event. He had a select field in mind. Candi almost let him get away with it until a couple of non-invited NYC area players brought this to my and Mic's attention. We protested profusely and even had Kelly and Jan telling John he can't do this, the Q has to be open to who want to enter.

This event was a joke since it didn't get properly advertised. I'm glad Angel won it.

I would like to see the WPBA draw up some rules on independent Qs being held in areas that have established Regional Tours. I believe that the RTCs should be contacted by the WPBA when someone in their area wants to host a Q and give the RTs the option of hosting it under the RT so the girls can receive points based on their finishes. John should not be able to hold a WPBA Q without us being notified and having the option of holding under NEWT. This just undermines the Regional Tour system. In fact, John almost got his own Regional Tour started in the NYC area until Mic and I screamed at Candi that it would be ridiculous to have two tours so close to each other.


09-15-2002, 10:53 AM
You need to get a grip! Why should anyone have to give a regonial tour the option of hosting the qualifier? The more tournaments ladies have to play in ,the better for the sport. You were not even at the players meeting in New York where there was a good explanation of the events that had occured during the process of setting up the event, so you shouldn't really be running your mouth. How is your regional tour doing? Do you even have a website? What are you doing with the WPBA to get more players in events? How come you are never at events promoting your tour? Who sponsors your tour? Why don't you have more tournaments in NYC?

Point is just this- You talk alot and people don't see much of what you are trying to accomplish or what exactly are you trying to accomplish?Apparently, You havent accomplished nothing!
I think you should take some tips from the CAT tour-they already have 3 sponsors and are diligently looking for more!
Do you give awards out? Player of the year, etc. What do YOU do for your players?

09-15-2002, 11:21 AM
Yet another gem of wisdom from an anonymous gutless wonder.

09-15-2002, 11:39 AM
First of all, NoStroke, CAT has 3 women running the tour, NEWT only has two and we both work full time. We do have a sponsor, Pechauer Cues, and would gladly accept another, except that when the mags that publish your articles strip out the "And we wish to thank our sponsors..." lines, the prospective sponsors don't feel like they're getting anything back.

And I'm for more tournaments. Why do you think I'm not? I just believe that NEWT should have been contacted to run that Q that just happened. The girls playing in that one got no points towards POY which, BTW, we do have - Karen Corr was POY for the past two years. And when Mike Hurst wants to hold a National Regional Tour Championship, the girls lost out on points to qualify for that one, too.

We hold events in NYC, but a lot of the lesser players in NEWT don't go there because NYC is an expensive place to play in, let alone the cost of a decent hotel room, $15 per hour fees, and parking. So the NYC events won't draw more than 32 players, max.

And I know EVERYTHING that went on with this event. John may have conveniently left out a thing or two at the player's meeting so he looks like he was genuinely trying to do something good when it was all wrong from the get-go. And he knew that.

Post to me again under "Anonymous", and I will not reply. Post to me under your real name or not at all.


09-15-2002, 11:51 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote: Troy:</font><hr>Yet another gem of wisdom from an anonymous gutless wonder. <hr></blockquote>Yet another pithy critical sound bite from the most negative man in America.

You may sign your posts, but that doesn't make them any more interesting, informative, entertaining, or educational.

Anonymous, although somewhat abrasive, brought up some interesting points for discussion.


09-15-2002, 11:55 AM
SlimJim: Yet another pithy critical sound bite from the most negative man in America.
Care to back that up bigmouth.
SlimJim: You may sign your posts, but that doesn't make them any more interesting, informative, entertaining, or educational.
Don't like 'em, don't read 'em.
SlimJim: Anonymous, although somewhat abrasive, brought up some interesting points for discussion.
See Barbara's response, bigmouth.

09-15-2002, 12:00 PM
Linda Shea was POY last year. Karen Corr was POY the previous two years.


09-15-2002, 12:02 PM
1) Why are you quoting me when your post is directly under mine, and you left the whole thing intact, you didn't edit it at all?

2) Barbara made a reasoned, intellengent response that addressed the issues brought up by anonymous. What about your sound bite compares to that?

3) I don't believe your as stupid as you appear. And I know you don't realize how you appear to others because your perception of the world is so distorted.

If you could get that veil of negativity out from in front of your eyes and see the beauty in the world; your whole mental process and the way you come accross to others would improve dramatically.

That will be $20.00

--- Slim Daddy Jimbo

09-15-2002, 01:10 PM
So whats your big deal for earning points for POY?Cant you just win a qualifier and do well-whats the sense of playing on your tour all year when your POY is the #1 ranked player in the US?What specials does your POY own at the end of the year? Is there a monetary bonus? If you promote tournaments then why are you angry that someone else wants to hold one?Do you think you are in control of the WHOLE northeastern region?You still havent gotten a grip!At least this tournament adhered to the rule of no pros and if you had the spot already you were not allowed to play.

09-15-2002, 01:14 PM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote: Anonymous:</font><hr> At least this tournament adhered to the rule of if you had the spot already you were not allowed to play. <hr></blockquote> Are there qualifying tournements where players who are already qualified play, and if they win they prevent another player from becoming qualified? -TB

09-15-2002, 01:25 PM

No pros played in that Q because they are not allowed to. The WPBA allows the Pros to mix it up with us only in State Championship tournies. If it's just a qualifying tourny, it's closed to all WPBA Touring Pros.

Now since each qualifier from now on must be for a specific event and I don't believe there was any money added to that event, why would someone who already has a Q for the Amsterdam event play in that qualifying event?

I just want to know who ended up paying $500 for the Qualifier. Sure as heck wasn't Amsterdam or John. Hm, so that leaves the players...


09-15-2002, 02:48 PM
Barbara-I didn't say anything-why in the world would you think that was me?

09-15-2002, 03:05 PM
I came up with a match on the IP address to a previous post of yours.

I'm sorry. Maybe at one of the NEWT events you'll reveal yourself to me. /ccboard/images/icons/laugh.gif!

But that IP address was assigned to someone from the NYC area.


09-15-2002, 03:21 PM
I am in westchester and as i told you privately i thought u already knew who i was. Sometimes when i play at Corner Billiards, i stop at the Internet place around the corner and maybe i posted from there and got that address once.

Anyway I wouldnt attack Osama Bin Laden the way that person (female tri state and newt player im guessing) went off on you.

09-15-2002, 04:02 PM
Really big "Whoops" and my bad!!!

I'll see you again at Castle and make it up to you.


09-15-2002, 04:24 PM
Whoops for me too- Hadn't checked the Castle dates. I have US Open tickets/reservations and doubt that ill miss the finals though there is an outside chance if the players are not exciting.

I will get to the next NEWT in November for sure.

ps- Next year could u take the Open into consideration when scheduling?

09-15-2002, 04:33 PM
Well really!! How about they (Barrry and Brady) take us into consideration when they schedule!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

This is why there will be no Dawn Hopkins - Allen will be in VA.

Okay Nostroke, I'll catch ya later!!

Barbara~~~still embarrassed

09-15-2002, 05:02 PM
Nostroke, Angel's game sure appears to be getting better. I think it is only a matter of time before she breaks through on the womens tour. Our little Arizona gal dusted me one night in a weekly tournament last year. She shoots very straight but not what I would call a powerful stroke yet.

09-15-2002, 05:33 PM
I have been touting her since the first time i saw her last year. Stroke not powerful? Im no expert i guess but i think its stronger than 98% of all regional players and 70% of the pros. She easily did a length of the table draw shot last nite while hitting the OB fairly soft.

Her Break is truly awesome. She ALWAYS hits them hard and square. I think only Sarah Rousey might break a bit harder when she lets it out, but Angel has better control.

In Binghamtom, earlier this year, Angel broke maybe 7 times in a row totally stopping the rock mid table while exploding the rack with astounding force. I have never seen another human do this though Gerry Watson came close.

Angel ran through a strong field in Binghamton undefeated with ease. Yesterdays field was much weaker however but she was never threatened.

She definitely has the desire also.- Twice flying to NY from AZ for qualifiers this year (and winning both). No other Cal or AZ player has ever shown that kind of desire, nor has any Notheastener flown to West Coast for a qualifier that i know of. She has the drive and the tools. Its going to happen soon. Sarah too.

09-15-2002, 08:55 PM
i just noticed the TWO IP addresses that showed up on this thread for me were matched by the anonymous basher(s).Just my luck!!

Man i look guilty as hell!!Im sure some who dont know me will convict me for sure. I knew i should have just become a lurker. Im always in trouble here!!

09-16-2002, 12:14 AM
Angel's always had a great stroke. Ive been watching her over the years and it just keeps getting better. Evidently even better that the last time I saw her. She started playing in our tournaments when she was about 17 - 18 and played pretty good then. My comment was directed more towards draw shots or some follow shots where the o/b is at a distance. It looked to be a bit of a struggle for her not that long ago. I have seen her just move the c/b a little and shoot a tougher shot rather than risk missing the shot. Smart idea really if you know your limitations. As you mentioned with her desire it's going to happen.

09-16-2002, 12:44 AM
I resent the comment about Ca. girls not showing, "desire". Let's see Angel play Melissa Herndon, Jenny Lee, Stephanie Boch, Cassie Anderson, Michele Rakin, I like all of these girls over Angel. When is the last time Angel snapped off one of the Southern Ca. qualifiers? Yes, Angel does play good, but don't go downing any Ca. girls for lack of, "desire".

09-16-2002, 07:05 AM
&gt;&gt; Sure as heck wasn't Amsterdam or John. Hm, so that leaves the players...

Wrong. My understanding is that the Tri-State tour purchased the spot as a reward/thank you to it's women players, the number of which increases each year. It was a way of saying thank you and recognising the ever growing importance of women to the tour.

Perhaps you owe John an apology? Perhaps a retraction of the previous statement? Perhaps you ought to try to get your facts right before you publish something as verbatim?

09-16-2002, 07:47 AM
I havent seen Michelle but Melissa plays above Angel a bit i'd say. The others i might not agree with you. She beat Stephanie in Albuquerque by the way.

Desire and ability are not interchageable terms.
I was not saying angel is better than the WCoast ladies and my point wasnt to knock their desire but to emphasize Angel's desire. No one can question her drive. She is going to work like mad to get there and i think she will get it done.

09-16-2002, 09:03 AM
Ellie Chang places 5/6th

09-17-2002, 02:35 AM
I am a women that has been able to do a full table length draw since the first week I started playing pool. Does that mean I'll be able to go pro to? What did Stephanie and Angel play for and how many sets did they play? I think Melissa is more than a bit stronger than Angel. Angel doesn't have to win against Stephanie or any of the other girls. Although, I am happy that she has her desire, so do many other women.

09-17-2002, 11:10 AM
Nostroke simply made a comment to me about her stroke because of my comment to him. Try to keep things in proportion. These ladies will all beat each other on any given day, just a fact when you play pool. Like you said she doesn't have to beat those players. I didn't see any intent to knock the WCoast ladies. There all good players and I hope they all live their dreams. Just from what I've read Melissa should have the advantage but I'll just leave it at that. I happen to agree though Angel is going to do whatever it takes to make the tour. If that means flying around the country then she will. I believe she is due for a break through in the near future, and I'm not saying the others won't.

09-18-2002, 09:21 AM
barbara seems quiet. no more tristate bashing??????

09-18-2002, 06:51 PM
Dear Anonymouse,

Since you choose to hide under a generic name you really don't deserve an answer at all, since your post intimates a war of the words to be had. But I will answer this and then no more Anonymouses responses.

I was not bashing the Tri-State Tour. I have issues with the way the WPBA treats the Regional Tours that pay sanctifying fees to run their qualifying tournaments. Why do we have to pay these fees at all if an indie pool hall wants to host a Q and doesn't go through us? Don't we (the RTCs) deserve to recoup our expenses before some other tour makes theirs?

This is a real shame that NEWT only charges $25 for a yearly membership. I laud John Leyman, he charges $35 a year, and has a much greater membership than NEWT does. John makes money on his tour. Micaela and I do not. The event of a membership fee raise is a certainty in the future, I can only hope that some of the lesser financially established members can cope with this. We do not take out any monies out of the entry fees for being the TD, as some events do. The only monies that are taken out are up to $15 of every $50 entry fee for greens fees to the room owner to help him/her recoup their expenses and such.

Why should anyone want to be an RTC for the WPBA, I am asking myself that a lot lately. I'm even asking why there should be regional tours. The WPBA does NOTHING for us, and diddly-squat for the room owners hosting State Championships that now have to pay a $500 membership fee to now do so. The room owners get measly door prizes for this kind of money. I even had one RO say to me, "I'll throw $500 more into the prize fund, just don't tell me I have to give it to the WPBA." He ended up passing on the PA State 9-Ball Championships. I don't blame him one bit and I hope he doesn't feel bad about it, either.

So Anonymouse, here's your last return post. This board has gotten worse to the point where it's another playpool.com with the idiots over there flaming and bashing each other. You don't see me posting because there's nothing to post about.

Barbara~~~real name, real person...

09-18-2002, 07:17 PM
There was one instance that made all the tournament madness all the worthwhile and it stayed with Micaela and me from then until now and then whenever I play in a tourny. It was the event in Hagerstown that concluded our first year running NEWT when at the player's meeting CarolNYC presented me and Mic with gold rings that spelled "NEWT" in diamonds. Seems Carol was collecting money from all the players for some time and had them made by a jeweler. I wear mine around my neck during tournaments. And then Doreen made those two floral arrangements of pool tables for us. Mic and I were overwhelmed to say the least. Stunned.

Yep!! Carol's one super-sneaky person!! And I never knew how creative Doreen could be with flowers and that was her profession. Mic and I had no idea what had gone down, and usually we can sniff out what someone's up to. This is why I like to bust on Carol with the points. It's a fun thing to do.

Barbara~~~gotta think something up for the NJ SC...

09-18-2002, 07:21 PM
Perhaps you owe John an apology? Perhaps a retraction of the previous statement? Perhaps you ought to try to get your facts right before you publish something as verbatim?

No, not him.

I talked to John the other night.

The WPBA has a lot of explaining to do. If it tells its RTCs that the Q tournies have to be open and then allows him to schedule a "private Q" for his girls, something's not right.


09-20-2002, 06:43 AM
Put that way, you make a good point. I agree the WPBA seems to be the source of this particular problem. From the tone of your earlier posts though, you seemed to be blaming John &amp; the Tri-State, which I thought was unfair.

Anyone who runs a tour gets enough c**p without getting bad-mouthed by other tour operators, who one would think might be somewhat sympathetic.

Anyway, thanks for the reply.

09-20-2002, 08:46 AM
Suuuuure NoStroke...how do you answer to this little document, available to all at <a target="_blank" href=http://www.publicrecordsfalsified.com>www.publicrecordsfalsified.com</a>?

&lt;blockquote&gt;&lt;font class="small"&gt;Quote: Public Records:&lt;/font&gt;&lt;hr&gt;

In Re:

The CCB (Plantiff)


NoStroke (Defendant)

Posting Anonymous Posts, in Violation of the Anonymous No-Post Agreement 13-4501 subsection 3, paragraph 2


The Plantiff charges that the Defendant, did knowingly and wantonly, without evidence to support the charge, possibly engage in the unwanted posting of negative posts negatively without wanting to herefore but with malice of forethought and subsequent jeopardy with bodily harm and mental duress as a primary motivator for the charges alleged but again, without proof but this is the law so we will attempt to validate the charges utilizing fraudulent statements from second-hand witnesses without real knowledge but with pretty good fabricated stories.

Notarized before me this 20th day of September, three days prior to the US Open and well after Christmas of last year.


Thurston Howell, III&lt;hr&gt;&lt;/blockquote&gt;

09-20-2002, 10:13 AM
Oy Vey! For a second, i thought somehow there was more "evidence" against me.

Thats all i needed. I would have had to explore the multiple personality possibility more thoroughly. Fortunately there have been no time-gaps that i cant account for.