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06-06-2011, 06:13 AM
A friend of mine started a discussion on Facebook by posting this guys video... http://vimeo.com/16177455.

For me there is only one right answer and it is God. He is my creator, my saviour and my best friend. I "talk" with him every day BUT I have always been extremely interested in sciences. At this point in my life I love the fact that the two are not in agreement with each other. It forces me to listen to opposing viewpoints and to cultivate my own views and beliefs. I haven't really changed my overall views and beliefs but this desire to including opposing viewpoints has benefitted me incredibly and actually strengthened my original beliefs. I am not saying that my belief in God is stronger because I think the claims of scientists seem whackier and whackier but rather instead I find everything so amazing that it more solidifies in my mind just how awesome God is to have created all of this.

A few times in the video he talks about the unknown vastly outweighing the known. I love the analogy of walking to the end of the pier and that being the end of what is known and there is still an entire ocean of unknown. Some of my fondest memories in college were the dicussions with my roomate (whom is probably the most intelligent person I have ever met) about probabilities of life outside of earth. I also used to love to go to the observatory to "watch the sky" on a very regular basis so that I could experience with my own eyes what is going on up in space. Night after night, I would go at the same time and view the same section of the sky to see what changes over time and was always fascinated with what I saw. Never once did I think what I was seeing could be proof God did not exist (due to timelines of the Bible and science) but rather it solidified my belief in God due to the amazing things I was able to see.


06-06-2011, 06:47 AM
Amen. I don't know how anyone can look around them and not be in awe of the power and greatness of our creator. The signs are everywhere, if one only cares to look.


06-06-2011, 12:10 PM
Very good post Ed.

I always hear people talking about how "religion" is for the uneducated (well, maybe it's not put as bluntly as that, but it's the basic idea of what many seem to think).

For me personally, it has been just the opposite. The more educated I have become, the more I learn about science, the more facts I get... well the more questions I have. And the more I understand how intricate and 'perfect' everything has to be just to simply exist as we know it. Which has led me to the opinion that it takes more faith to NOT believe in a creator than it does to believe. It basically comes down to that or everything in the universe just happened to be the exact perfect and precise explosion against incalculable odds. But I could write a whole research paper on that (an in fact, I have).

I personally am not of the either/or approach when it comes to science and religion. I love both, and I enjoy learning and studying all I can.