View Full Version : whither c.c.b. ?

09-15-2002, 09:59 PM
i'm going to post this as it's own thread cause i don't want it to be to anyone in specific. i'm using the " you know who i'm talking to voice". if it fits, wear it.

i'm pretty concerned about some of the stuff i've been reading here lately and i just need to speak out about it. i could give a rat's butt about staying on topic within a thread and, with the way they push active posts to the top, if it's non-pool and non-interesting/engaging, then it'll be gone quick anyway. i do see some stuff that might oughta be in private messages but i've got high speed and as soon as i recognize that pattern, i move on.

nope, what concerns me is the "coarsening" (sp?) of the board. i agree with the ccb rules against profanity and private attacks. posters who have embarrasing fixations upon the male anatomy, excretion etc. and are quick and viscious in attacking any possible target have seemed to gain some minor and uninformed acceptance of late. used to be there were any number of members who would rise up and admonish someone like that. offer direction for possible introspection then ignore them. pass their posts or move on. any casual reader would now note the similarity to playpool.( when, in fact, they have matured somewhat.)

y'all do what you want but for me, i consider the issue of....fleas.

note to my good friend kato: thanks for noticing but i ain't gone yet.