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06-30-2011, 06:47 AM
The surprise teams have been the Pittsburgh Pirates and Washington Nationals.

Jose Reyes and Jeff Karstens have been the surprise offense and pitching gems in the NL.

In the AL it's Asdrubal Cabrera on offense and Jered Weaver pitching. Although both are established big leaguers ... both have taken their game to a completely new level.

The biggest disappointment has to Adam Done ... struggling mightily at .173 ... and Jayson Werth.

I thought Werth would be a much needed upgrade when the Nats signed him after letting Adam Dump go away in free agency. I didn't expect to be able to say that with him losing 70 points off his batting average while cutting his RBI production by over a third.

Adam Dumb, I have never been sold on and see him as being one of the great wasted potentials in the history of the game.