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07-01-2011, 08:03 PM
I skipped playing in organized leagues for several year after playing in them for more than a decade of time, but decided to jump in this summer. I thought it was a non-traveling league at first, but it wasn't. So we've traveled away from home base all but one other time when I've played so far, loud noisy cramped space around all the tables...well, I hated the experience and the success of wins expressed that fact. The other thing about leagues in this particular case is that it is a 2 game format of nine ball with each of the 5 opponents, which doesn't sound that terrible at first. Thing is, you likely never win unless you snatch both wins, because I don't call a split much of a win, it is not. Lastly, you only play any one other of the teams in this league just the one time for all the entire season, so you A. Never get a revenge session, and B. You never get them on your home turf, so C. It bites to have to travel to places and be irritated. It is not a good system IMPO.

I remember now what things I didn't like about playing in league, plus found some more reasons besides. To me, it is just nearly zero fun, and an obligation to boot. I won't do a traveling league again. There's no place like home! sid

07-03-2011, 06:20 PM
I hear you. At least in our league and division we have 3 of the 7 teams out of our pool hall, so half the time we're home anyway, and then half the 'away' games are here as well (some of the teams out of our place use a different table than we do, but they're all 9 foot GCs).

I dislike all REAL away games, because our format is play one game max in a 5 game stretch, and then maybe play once or twice more a single game, in the next 5 game 'innings' as it were. What that means in a bar, which they all are, is you cannot play to keep in stroke in the meantime, and you get your later games after sitting an hour. Tough to play well, for me at least, from a cold standstill start.

07-04-2011, 05:06 PM
You got it worse than me then. Do you at least get to play these away guys twice, once there and once at your home base? That would spice up the cake so to speak. I have never played in a league before, and I played lots of leagues before getting out a few years ago, where you just had one shot during the whole schedule at a team which you maybe REALLY wanted to play again. sid