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Abraham Lincoln.

Oversaw the greatest war crimes in US history.

Held POW's in camp conditions worse than Nazi Germany's.

Reneged on an agreement which led to the beginning of hostilities at Fort Sumter.

Attempted to have the chief justice of the SCOTUS arrested.

Suspended habeus corpus.

Shuttered the free press.

Had political opponents arrested and held without charge.

Killed the US republic as originally founded.

Held seances in the White House.

And, to this day, is a hero of leftists and statists across the fruited plain.

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Thanks for confirming what I posted.

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And, to this day, is a hero of leftists and statists across the fruited plain.

Have the Republicans kicked him to the curb, then? Aren't they among the hagiographers of this man's legacy as well?

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Also, the R's are a leftist party ... simply not a moonbat crazy leftist party as the democrooks are.

Anything else I can help you with?

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Hiram Ulysses Grant.

Attended West Point under the incorrect name of Ulysses S Grant which he chose to keep. Achieved his appointment to West Point due to cronyism between his father and congressman Thomas Lyon Hamer ... the incorrect name was probably used so the association would be a tad less obvious.

Graduated in the bottom half of his class, and had he not been a whiz at mathematics would have been very close to the bottom.

Resigned his US Army commission under threat of court martial.

Failed in numerous private ventures. Ended up working for his father as an assistant hide tanner.

Was reinstated into the US Army in 1861 and led campaigns of horrible brutality, which included forcing US citizens off of their land for the sole reason of being Jewish along with horrendous war crimes involving POW abuse.

Was elected POTUS in 1868 and oversaw what was undoubtedly, to date, the most corrupt regime in US history.

Scandals under Grant included:

- His Secretary of War extorting money from a contractor.

- His private secretary framing a reporter who had exposed some of the regime's criminal activity.

- His BIL being involved in an attempt with speculators to corner the gold market. This allowed Grant's regime to sell gold at inflated prices to repay debt incurred by the regime under the premise of being backed by gold which in fact was backed by nothing.

- His Secretary of the Navy receiving bribes in exchange for lucrative naval contracts.

- Corruption in the New York Customs office.

- Corruption in putting lucrative US postal routes up for sale.

- His attorney general receiving bribes to not prosecute certain cases.

- His secretary of the interior taking bribes in exchange for land grants.

- Officials within his regime accepting bribes from whiskey makers to avoid payment of taxes due.

- Cutting a deal with congressional members to raise his salary and retroactively raise theirs.

- His secretary of treasury hiring a private citizen to collect taxes at commission rates exceeding 80%.

And much much more.