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07-12-2011, 06:18 AM
I was at Capones Sat & Sun and watched a lot of good matches between great players. Unfortunately most of the time I couldn't get a good view because there were too many spectators. Never thought I would complain about there being too many spectators. Room owners should like the round robin format because it keeps the players, and their fans, there longer. And after the cut (like in golf) only the best players get to return on Sunday. (Best for that tournament).

Alex Pagulayan is a comedian. Very funny and a crowd pleaser. Signed many autographs and posed for pictures with a lot of people. If only all the players would be so gracious. Actually, most are.

I left before the last 4 played off and now I can't seem to find the results posted anywhere. Anybody know where I can find who ended up the final victor and what the payoff for the top 20 was?

Earl is playing with a 70" inch cue and 29 ounces.

Rich R.
07-13-2011, 04:42 AM
I got these results from another forum.

1. $10,000: Larry Nevel
2. $6,000: Alex Pagulayan
3. $4,000: Earl Strickland
4. $4,000: Adam Smith
5. $2,500: Mike Davis
6. $2,400: Charlie Williams
7. $1,900: Dennis Hatch
8. $1,800: Justin Hall
9. $1,500: Oscar Dominguez
10. $1,450: Rodney Morris
11. $1,400: Jesse Engel
12. $1,350: Stevie Moore
13. $1,250: Ernesto Dominguez
14. $1,200: Johnny Archer
15. $1,150: Yerry Calderon
16. $1,100: Jeremy Sossei
17. $1,075: Hunter Lombardo
18. $1,025: John Foster
19. $975: Mike DeLawder
20. $925: Demetrius Jelatis