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08-14-2011, 06:42 AM
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> Forensics Fraud?

Experts say this video shows a doctor manufacturing evidence. So why is a man still on death row?

Oliveaux drowned in a bathtub that morning in West Monroe, Louisiana, while in the care of her mother’s boyfriend, Jimmie Duncan. Duncan said he was washing dishes at the time. In an unusual decision, her body was transported 120 miles east to Rankin County, Mississippi, for examination. Although the state of Louisiana had its own medical examiners, the district attorney and police chief of West Monroe wanted the autopsy to be performed by Steven Hayne, a controversial physician who was able to dominate Mississippi’s autopsy referrals, critics say, by drawing conclusions prosecutors wanted to hear. Duncan already faced charges of negligent homicide for leaving the girl alone in the tub. In Hayne’s initial examination he claimed to find bite marks that hospital doctors failed to notice. He then called for further analysis from West, his frequent collaborator.

West, a dentist from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, is a specialist in bite mark evidence. During the previous three years, he and Hayne had helped produce murder convictions in two strikingly similar cases, finding previously undetected bite marks on dead little girls and linking them back to the boyfriends of the girls’ mothers. No one knew at the time that the convicted killers—one of whom, Kennedy Brewer, lived on death row for 14 years—would be exonerated and freed in 2008 when DNA tests showed a third man was responsible for both deaths. Nor could many have known at the time that West and Hayne eventually would be discredited by their own professions, and barred from conducting new examinations in their home state.

But the Oliveaux case continues to have repercussions today because the research and testimony West and Hayne produced helped put yet another man on death row, where he remains to this day. West and Hayne would go on to testify in thousands more cases. The states where they testified most often—Louisiana, and particularly Mississippi—still haven’t fully acknowledged the extent of the damage the two men have done to their respective criminal justice systems. The decades-long legislative tilt in favor of prosecutors has made it all too easy for bad actors to do great harm.

West examined Oliveaux twice, on December 18 and 19, 1993. As was routine with Hayne and West, they shot video of the procedure. What’s not routine is that the video is seeing the light of day, after being obtained by reason. (You can view a portion of the video at reason.com/westvideo.)

For the first five minutes, West examines Oliveaux’s body, noting bruises, signs of livor mortis (the pooling of blood after death), abrasions, and contusions. During this time, West makes no mention of any scrapes or abrasions on Oliveaux’s cheek, nor are any apparent on the tape.

At 4:57, there’s a break in the video, marking the lapse between the two exams. At that point the camera returns to Oliveaux’s face. Strikingly, where just moments before the video showed no blemishes at all, there’s now a conspicuous bright red abrasion to the right of Oliveaux’s mouth.

West’s hand then enters the frame, holding a plaster dental mold taken earlier that day from Jimmie Duncan. Using the replica of Duncan’s teeth as a weapon, West repeatedly presses and jams the front bite plate directly into Oliveaux’s cheek. Over two minutes, he does this 17 times. At 6:57, he starts dragging Duncan’s mold across Oliveaux’s face, beginning near her lips, then scraping the plaster teeth down her face to her jaw. He does this for another minute. West next moves to Oliveaux’s elbow and uses the cast to impress Duncan’s dentition onto an old bruise hospital records show she suffered weeks before her death.

At the 9:32 mark, West asks someone in the room to turn out the lights. A fluorescent black light flicks on. West is now employing a much-ridiculed technique he invented for identifying bite marks, which he modestly calls the “West Phenomenon.” He claims that by using a black light and yellow goggles, he can find bite marks, knife serrations, and other tears and abrasions to the skin that no other expert can see. With the lights out, West continues to jam the plaster cast into the girl’s cheek, elbow, and arm. Over the course of the 24-minute video, West pushes the cast of Duncan’s teeth into the girl’s body at least 50 times.

‘He’s Tampering With the Evidence. It’s Criminal.’ “This is the best documentation I’ve ever seen of Dr. West’s junk bite-mark comparisons,” says Michael Bowers, a deputy medical examiner for Ventura County, California, after viewing the video. A past chairman of the American Board of Forensic Odontology’s Exam and Credentialing Committee, Bowers also worked with the Innocence Project to help free Kennedy Brewer.

How did abrasions that were not apparent on December 18 suddenly appear bright red the following day? “Dr. West created them,” Bowers says. “It was intentional. He’s creating artificial abrasions in that video, and he’s tampering with the evidence. It’s criminal, regardless of what excuse he may come up with about his methods.…You never jam a plaster cast into a possible bite mark like that. It distorts the evidence. You take a photograph, or if there are indentations, you take an impression. But you don’t jam plaster teeth into them.” After watching the video, Bowers offered to submit an affidavit for Jimmie Duncan’s defense.</div></div>

Read it here (http://reason.com/archives/2009/03/24/forensics-fraudhttp://)

. Its amazing[ and an injustice ] that this guy is still walking the street.


08-14-2011, 07:06 AM
A fraudulant society, the whole usofa iz a fraudokracy.

Az far az i know dental forensics haz no scientifik basis at all. I aint saying that it aint never gonna hav some good science behind it, but that day aint kum yet.

08-14-2011, 09:05 AM
Lock em up and throw away the key is my vote.

Residents of the USA are well aware that Louisiana is among the most... perhaps the most ... corrupt states in the union.

Much like Illinois, Louisiana is a corruptocracy ran by the democrook party and has been for many, many moons.

Just look at what happened to Nawlins.

Federal grant money sent to improve the levies ... spent on casinos.

Federal grant money sent to train 1st responders for a disaster such as Katrina ... forms filed stating it was done and funds accepted. The only problem is that it was never done.

Federal grant money sent to prepare and maintain shelters and ... you guessed it ... the money spent and the shelters were unprepared, and not stocked with the supplies that the corruptocrats had filed that they had spent the money on, and unkept.

A police department that was paid barely minimum wage plus all that they can steal ... many fled in police cruisers, a couple of cruisers were at least as far north as Dayton, Ohio. Many of those who didn't flee were involved in the looting.

A democrook congressman from the area commandeering a federal emergency vehicle to remove tens of thousands of bribe money from his flooded home, which was then kept in his DC office.

When "WE THE PEOPLE" trust hooligans in nice suits with shiny teeth to handle things we never inspect, how can we be surprised when such travesties of justice occur?

Our governmental system is broken, and until the people demand better ... we won't get it.

08-14-2011, 03:55 PM
Korruption (selfishness) iz a big worry for societys.
But i am thinking that stupidity iz more harmfull.

And, most of the korruption in theusofa iz legal korruption. Legal iz better -- iznt it -- now u kan all sleep better.

Did i mention Godma and dogma.