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08-17-2011, 05:38 AM
<span style='font-size: 26pt'>PLEASE POST YOUR SCORE.</span>
1. What is your income?

Between $20G and $1M +50 G-points
Less than $20G 0 G-points
On welfare -10 G-points
Incarcerated -15 G-points
Community organizer -50 G-points

2. Have you ever reported anyone to the IRS?
No +10 G-points
Yes, an acquaintance -5 G-points
Yes, a friend -10 G-points
Yes, a parent

3. What is your gender?
Male +10 G-points
Female +5 G-points
Transgender 0 G-points

4. Your ethnicity is...
White +10 G-points
All other 0 G-points and skip the next question

5. How many diverse (i.e., non-white) friends do you have?
None +10 G-points
1 - 5 0 G-points
6 or more -10 G-points

6. Does a person's ethnicity or race influence whether they will be your friend?
No, I am color-blind and judge people as individuals +20 G-points
I try to ignore their race, but if I do have Diverse Friend, I will brag about it 0 G-points
I actively seek Friends of Diversity; it makes me a complete human being -5 G-points
I only associate with Diverse races; to behave otherwise is inhuman -10 G-points

7.Where do you live?
I own a house +30 G-points
I live in an apartment +20 G-points
I live in Mom's basement +5 G-points
I live in Mom's rent-controlled apartment 0 G-points
I share an apartment with another family -10 points for each family
State penitentiary -30 G-points

8. What percentage of your net income do you donate to the Democratic Party and affiliated groups?
&lt;25% 0 G-points
25% - 50% -5 G-points
51% - 99% -10 G-points
100% Purity: -75 G-points

9. Your 17-year old son announces he is gay. Do you immediately...
Pray for his salvation +15 G-points
Accept it with some reservation +10 G-points
Accept it as natural and move on +5 G-points
Celebrate -5 G-points
Call a lawyer to file some discrimination suits -10 G-points

10. How would you react if your daughter came home wearing a burqa?
I would explain that she is wearing a garment associated with religious fanaticism +10 Points
I would be relieved that at least she won't get pregnant +5 Points
I would beam with pride, knowing that she has embraced a diverse multicultural lifestyle - 5 Points

11. Which of the following do you regularly purchase used?
Books 0 G-points
Outer wear 0 G-points
Socks -5 G-points
Underwear -10 G-points
Hypodermic needles -15 G-points
Condoms -20 G-points

12. What is your religious belief?
Christian +15 G-points
Jewish +5 G-points
Unitarian Universalist 0 G-points
Atheist -5 G-points
New Age -10 G-points
Muslim -15 G-points

13. Of the following people, whom do you respect the most?
George W. Bush +100 G-points
Ayn Rand +75 G-points
Ronald Reagan +50 G-points
Thomas Jefferson +25 G-points
Clarence Thomas +20 G-points
Christopher Columbus +15 G-points
Nelson Mandela 0 G-points
Josef Stalin -10 G-points
George Soros -15 G-points
Michael Moore -20 G-points
Saddam Hussein -25 G-points
Barack Hussein Obama -30 G-points
Che Guevara -40 G-points
Muntadhar al-Zaidi the Shoe Thrower -50 G-points

14. Which flag do you display at your house?
Confederate +30 G-points
American +15 G-points
Cuban +10 G-points
Any other Caribbean 0 G-points
Rainbow -5 G-points
Anything with a crescent -10 G-points
CCCP -15 G-points
American flag, but upside-down -30 G-points
That new American flag with Obama's picture on it -50 G-points

15. What contraceptive do you use?
I practice abstinence +25 G-points
I collect condoms distributed by the Metropolitan Transit Authority +5 G-points
I had myself sterilized to save the planet from overpopulation 0 G-points
I plan to kill myself to save the planet from overpopulation -10 G-points
I don't. But the government should pay me every time I have a kid, since I can't keep track of all their
fathers to collect child support -25 G-points
I have a monthly standing appointment at the local abortion clinic -50 G-points

16. The attacks of 9/11 were the fault of:
Fanatic Muslims intent on murdering non-believers +20 G-points
President Clinton: He was banging Monica instead of Al Qaeda +20 G-points
Terrorists, ambiguous terrorists +5 G-points
Me, you, and everyone else who was insensitive to the grievances of People of Diversity -5 G-points
The 3000 Little Eichmanns who reported to the World Trade Center that day, and the 1000 Zionists who stayed home -10 G-points
The Government. The whole thing was staged with holograms from giant projectors made invisible by cloaking devices +25 G-points
What attacks? +35 G-points
Are you kidding? George W. Bush, of course! -50 G-points

17. The news media needs to run photos/video of the following more often, lest we forget our real enemy and what America has at stake:
The WTC on 9/11 +50 G-points
Muslim terrorists threatening to kill blindfolded U.S. hostages +25 G-points
Israeli children injured by Palestinian bomb attacks +10 G-points
Palestinian children injured by Israeli attacks -10 G-points
Tina Fey doing her Sarah Palin impression -20 G-points
Guantanamo Bay detainees in black hoods and orange jumpsuits -30 G-points
Naked Abu Ghraib prisoners -40 G-points
Injured, beat up Iraqis. Footage doesn't have to be from the Iraq War, so long as viewers think U.S. troops are responsible -50 G-points

18. My favorite place to protest and do sit-ins, lie-ins, die-ins and pee-ins, etc:
Abortion clinic +20 G-points
I don't do sit-ins, lie-ins, die-ins and pee-ins +10 G-points
Fast food restaurant -10 G-points
Military recruiting office -25 G-points
Wherever two or more conservatives are gathered -50 G-points

19. You discover a dead rat in your basement. What do you do with it?
I do not live in a neighborhood with rats +10 G-points
Throw it out +5 G-points
"Hey kids! Chicken nuggets for dinner tonight!" -10 G-points
Smear its blood on the wall of my nearest corporate office park -20 G-points
Have my friends over and take turns throwing it at a picture of George W. Bush -35 G-points
Throw it at George W. Bush -50 G-points

20. Which is your favorite form of relaxation?
Spending time with my family +25 G-points
Hunting +15 G-points
Watching a ballgame +10 G-points
Nature walks 0 G-points
Group therapy to relieve collective guilt -5 G-points
Protesting oil wars in front of my nearest Citibank -15 G-points
Tossing shoes at the portrait of George W. Bush -20 G-points

21. Where did you spend your last vacation?
Church trip to the Holy Land +15 G-points
Touring the USA +10 G-points
Touring France 0 G-points
Agitating for Revolution in Central America -10 G-points
Lying in front of Zionist bulldozers in the Gaza Strip -25 G-points

22. Which is your preferred place to shop for groceries?
Wal-Mart +15 G-points
A food co-op -5 G-points
Local food pantry -5 G-points
Dumpster diving -10 G-points

23. What car do you drive?
SUV +30 G-points
Family car +20 G-points
I rent Zipcars +5 G-points
I only use public transportation 0 G-points
I transport my belongings in a shopping cart (Lumpenwagon) -20 G-points

24. What is the capacity of your toilet tank?
5 Gallons +10 G-points
3 Gallon +5 G-points
1 Gallon 0 G-points
No water - I just "go" in the street -5 G-points
No water - I use a neighbor's lawn to be eco-friendly to the grass -10 G-points

25. Do you recycle?
Never +20 G-points
Yes, newspapers and bottles 0 G-points
Yes, and I reuse paper cups and plates -5 G-points
Yes, and I reuse toilet paper -10 G-points
Toilet paper is a waste of precious resources; I use my bare hand -15 G-points

26. What is your preferred energy source?
Nuclear power +50 G-points
Oil +40 G-points
Coal +30 G-points
Wind 0 G-points
Solar -5 G-points
Ethanol/corncobs -25 G-points
Hiring an Undocumented-American to pedal an old exercise bike jerry-rigged to a generator -50 G-points

27. You're behind the wheel of your BMW, waiting for the green arrow so you can turn left into Starbucks for your latte, when you see a homeless person on the median with a crudely lettered cardboard sign asking for help. What do you do?

Ignore him +25 G-points
Give him whatever change I have handy 0 G-points
I take him home for dinner and plead with my father to give him a job in his shop
-25 (+5 if you have to
promise Daddy this
will be "the last time")
Nothing. Instead, I go home to my parents' $450,000 McMansion, where I write in my blog, lamenting his predicament and the government's failure to fund programs that will get him out of it -50 G-points

28. You're out there making a Difference™, raising Awareness™, and showing how much you Care™ by doing the following:
Taking responsibility for my life +50 G-points
Voting +25 G-points
Participating in marches and demonstrations 0 G-points
Buying up carbon credits -5 G-points
Dressing up in costume and pretending to be Gitmo prisoners or dead soldiers -10 G-points
Baring my genitals in public to protest war and violence -15 G-points
Burning and stomping on the U.S. flag -30 G-points
Wearing colored wristbands and awareness ribbons -40 G-points
Traveling the world in my Gulfstream jet and air conditioned limo, pontificating to others on how to live, which isn't how I live. Yes, I feel guilty about that; I despise my lifestyle and the wealth required to maintain it, but it's necessary to raise awareness among the masses. It doesn't help that people like you keep pointing out the so-called hypocrisy. It's easy to just stand around and criticize. AT LEAST I CARE! -50 G-points

29. If your home is invaded by a burglar, how would you most likely respond?
I would aim for the head +20 G-points
I would try to call 911 +10 G-points
I would try to understand his innermost feelings 0 G-points
I would let him know that his predicament is all my fault -5 G-points
I would offer to join him if we go after the neighborhood Republicans, who are really at fault -10 G-points

30. You believe that socialism is...
The utopian ideology of forced collectivism, where individuals exist only to serve the abstract "common good". It has resulted in poverty, slavery, famines, and genocide - and is accountable for over 150,000,000 murders in the 20th Century +50 G-points
Something that appeals to angry people with intellectual affectations, who never seem to have real jobs or the ability to properly groom/cut/wash body hair +30 G-points
Something all my professors talked about in college whose meaning I forgot after I took the final exam +10 G-points
An idealistic system of fairness, equity, and social justice that has been flawed in practice because it has never, in a hundred years, been given a chance to work properly 0 G-points
A movement that has time and again, through resistance and struggle, solved the problems of poverty, racism, ignorance, illiteracy, worker exploitation, inequality, American imperialism, Zionist colonialism, and capitalist oppression

08-17-2011, 05:41 AM
My score was +530.

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">+551 to +800 G-points = Non-person

You and your life's work are barred from being mentioned in media publications for inadequate guilt. Ineligible for re-education. After the Revolution subject to Revolutionary Tribunal Che Guevara style (shot in the head without trial). Everyone you ever came in contact with has been contaminated with you lack of guilt and is therefore also guilty. We will find them, too. You are all incorrigible corporate war-mongering Zionist terrorists; The People™ will continue to resist your capitalist attacks by any and all means.

+301 to +550 G-points = Patriarchal chauvinistic war profiteer

You are an unfeeling tool of the capitalist class and a menace to the state with your utter lack of guilt. Barred from working in educational, media, or entertainment industries which requires great guilt inducing abilities. Not qualified for government grants or any other public assistance for the truely guilt ridden. Re-education strongly advised. After the Revolution you and your family will be arrested and relocated to a place where The People's Scientists will remove your societal guilt.

+101 to +300 G-points = Selfish capitalist pig

The only way for you to redeem your filthy guiltless existence and feel better about yourself is to donate the amount that matches your score to the People's Cube for your lack of guilt. Donations are to be made here (see People's Cube donation link in left sidebar). Print out and show the receipt to your local Kommissar. After the Revolution one receipt will be redeemable for one Get Out of Gulag coupon. Not for sale. Not transferable to family members. Violators shall be subject to Revolutionary Tribunal Che Guevara style.

+100 to -200 G-points = Moderate centrist

You have neutral guilt, neither good nor bad, but you arouses great suspicion with The Party™ for your lack of guilt. Expect to be placed under continuous surveillance. Eligible to work in the media but only as a token "conservative commentator." Grants or any assistance from the government and charitable institutions denied.

-201 to to -400 G-points = Idealistic progressive

Entitled to government grants and promotion within the administrative hierarchy due to your undeniable guilt. Recommended for media appearances and awards to help spread guilt among the masses. As a trusted member of the community you will be placed on only intermittent surveillance. We will count on you to provide us with useful information on your guiltless neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family.

-401 to -600 G-points = Selfless supporter of socialist revolution

The sense of entitlement and glorious Party™ guilt is strong with you, comrade! Indeed, you are qualified for public assistance in the amount that matches your Guilt Assesment™ score. Print out your guilt score and bring it to the local Kommissariat to redeem for one of the following: (A) free NPR broadcast by members of Media Workers Union, (B) free indoctrination by members of Teachers Union, or (C) free entertainment by the best state-sponsored members of Artists Union who will place a cult object of your choice into a bucket of urine.

-601 to -800 G-points = Hero of the Revolution

Qualified for a position of a media darling to help spread guilt among the masses, most-talked-about celebrity, the sexiest man / woman / transgendered person alive, and positive role model for the young generation. Entitled to winning national and international prizes in the field of the Party's choosing - from Oscar, Nobel, Pulitzer, Emmy, and Golden Globes to the prestigious "Pinky's Beet of the Week at the People's Cube Award and Bumper Sticker."

-801 to -900 G-points = Protector of The People

Congratulations, Comrade! The People welcome you as an Ultimate Guiltless Member of Society! Call the Obama Administration and tell them you are entitled to leadership positions inside the government, non-profit, and community organizations, as well as subservient media, educational, or entertainment branches.


I LOVE THE CUBE (http://thepeoplescube.com/GuiltQuiz/index.php)

08-17-2011, 06:35 AM

HOW COME, when the title is <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"><span style='font-size: 14pt'>Progressive</span> Guilt Quiz

</div></div> do you hide that fact?

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">1. What is your income?
2. Have you ever reported anyone to the IRS?
3. What is your gender?
4. Your ethnicity is...
5. How many diverse (i.e., non-white) friends do you have?


Answer, none of your FKN business.


BTW, great source.... /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/crazy.gif

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> Pamela Geller’s New Book <span style='font-size: 17pt'>Is a Work of Love,</span> not Hate

As seen on Pajamas Media
&lt; OFF KARAKTER &gt;

<span style='font-size: 17pt'>Pamela Geller</span> <u>has been a great personal friend and a fan of The People's Cube </u>since its inception, so I had the pleasure of congratulating her personally on the publication of her second book, Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide for the Resistance <span style='font-size: 17pt'>(WND Books)</span></div></div>

One word...........NUTJOBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!!!!! !!!

08-17-2011, 02:08 PM
I would guess you at about -750.