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09-13-2011, 06:59 AM
What these guys seem to do well is figure a way to make something else besides the OB at hand with a carom/combination after a solid punch stroke on the tougher OB shot, and not necessarily in an obvious pocket nearby. Is this a real talent, or just luck? It perplexes me how a few players I play regularly, can manufacture an out from nowhere by simply going low % on a shot, and then getting a secondary ball to fall somewhere else. I'd personally played a safe many times, and yet these players 'roll'em' and get results, after a "hammer stroke" on the low % shot. What's the deal? Is luck something that gets learned by just trying? Can it be learned? Have you seen this yourself? These players are just too consistent to think that something isn't somewhat real. sid

09-19-2011, 07:53 AM
As one of our local hustlers says “some days it pays ta hit em”. I am assuming that you are NOT talking about 2 way shots that come up A LOT in 9ball, I will take that as a given. The answer (I think) is that yes some of these “hitters” are actually playing 2 & 3 way shots as Keith (the aforementioned hustler) certainly does. The deep think into percentages of offense vs. defense doesn’t come up with them until the disparity is much larger than it is to most of us (that know a LITTLE bit more about 9ball’s strategy).

I do think that most of these guys could improve their 9ball game with a little more conservative play. I don’t try to tell these guys that because some of them are really close to my skill level (some over, most under and some equal). Keith is the best example I can come up with. He is one of these “hitters”.

Around here I have seen some pretty competent players play races to 5 or 7 in 9ball and both of them playing maybe a safety or 2. Now to me that’s crazy. When I get these people in my course I tell them “you’re not playing pool, you’re playing a different game, it’s called; try and run the table, try pool it’s a better game”.

So bottom line is that “hitting” often looks like “banging” and of course most often is “banging” but it takes some close analysis and close observation in a few cases to notice the difference; often you can’t even tell until you play these guys a few sessions.

Just my 2 cents you may know this or completely disagree.

09-20-2011, 02:09 PM
I've put lots of hours and handed over money, trying to see the science in these lucky players, no answers yet here. It may not be what you call playing pool, but it's damned depressing after a while to get beat with shots to move a lot of balls with a solid stroke, and pocket something after 2-3 rails of multiple ball travel, drop something and THEN FINISH. IMO, these players have shot shit enough to know the shit, but I do admit that they have to know how not to scratch, cuz that's what happens with me when I go lights oun on a power stroke to re-brake the rack.

There's more to it than seeing the patterns. Some nights though, the luck is anti-against these players. Givem' time though, it always comes back. There must be a key, and I'm still looking to find it. sid

09-20-2011, 02:47 PM
I think certain guys do get luckier than others. But I also think style of play can add to that luck factor. You take a soft shooter for example, guy is gonna have less luck compared to a hard shooter. Safe player vs a banker...banker has more luck. Guys that bank, shoot hard and also spin alot can really make you want to lose your lunch in a game of chicago or 9 ball.