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09-19-2011, 07:13 PM
Blacks File Class Action Racial Discrimination Suit Against Obama & Democrats!!!

This will have liberal heads exploding. BWAHAHAHAHAA!!!

Well Obama is a professional apologizer.
Now a black democrat president apologizing for Jim Crow, slavery and racist practices of the democratic party would just be soooooooooooooooooo ironic.

[b] http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=29b_1315947235

<span style='font-size: 23pt'>Blacks File Class Action Racial Discrimination Suit Against Obama & Democrats</span>

Seattle, WA. On September 11, 2011, blacks from the West Coast and the East Coast joined together and signed one of the most comprehensive legal briefs ever prepared on racial discrimination, then filed their brief today, September 12th, at 9:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time in US District Court in Seattle (Case No. C11 - 1503). The plaintiffs, who refer to the defendants as “Father of Racism,” allege that as an organization, the Democratic Party has consistently refused to apologize for the role they played in slavery and Jim Crow laws and for other subsequent racist practices from 1792 to 2011. Rev. Wayne Perryman, a former Democrat himself and the lead plaintiff in this class action lawsuit, said he was inspired to file this action after seeing the recent movie The Help. The movie takes place in the region that was exclusively controlled by Democrats for more than 150 years (the South). Mrs. Frances P. Rice, the Chair of the National Black Republican Association is also a plaintiff in the lawsuit. Mrs. Rice is a resident of Sarasota, Florida and has lived in the the South most of her life.

The case cites the collective work of over 350 legal scholars and includes Congressional records, case law, research from our nation's top history professors, racist statements from Democratic elected officials, citations from the Democrat's National Platforms regarding their support of slavery, excepts of speeches from Senator Obama, individual testimonies from blacks who lived in the Jim Crow South and opinions from the NAACP.

Perryman said President Obama was named as a defendant not only because he is the official leader of the Democratic Party, but because of certain statements he made about his own party in his book, Dreams from My Father (see attachment). In 2009, the President was asked to issue an apology to blacks on behalf of his party, but he refused. Unlike other reparations lawsuits, this lawsuit merely asks for a public apology, but no monetary damages.

In the 40-page brief, Rev. Perryman tells the court that the Democratic Party, (the party that is quick to call the Tea Party and Republicans racist), is the same party that refuses to confess and/or acknowledge (in public and on their website) that they are the party that supported the institution that packed millions of black men, women and children in the deep dark hulls of slave ships with just barely enough food and water to keep them alive, and forced them to lie in their own urine, feces, and vomit for the duration of a long trip across the Atlantic. And after arriving in America, it was the members of their party that forced these poor souls to work from sunup to sundown for the next 70 years and never paid them one dime. And when the black victims were fortunate enough to escape, it was the Democratic Party that passed Fugitive Slave laws to return them to their brutal slave masters. When their inhumane institution of slavery was challenged by the opposing party, Democrats countered by placing threats in their political platforms (1844-1856), - threatening anyone who dared to interfere with what they called, “the sectional issue of Domestic Slavery.” On May 21, 1856, they carried out their threats when they attacked their opposition, Senator Charles Sumner with a walking cane on the Senate floor and when they attacked with guns, freed blacks and abolitionists on the streets of Lawrence, Kansas. Six years later, Democrats called themselves 'Confederates” and went to war killing thousands to defend and protect their racist institution of slavery. After losing the war, they fought against constitutional amendments and civil rights legislation for blacks, and chose instead to form terrorist organizations, legislate Black Codes and Jim Crow Laws and support every landmark case that was designed to deny blacks their constitutional rights including the Slaughterhouse Case, Plessy v Ferguson, the Civil Rights Cases of 1881 to overturn the 1875 Civil Rights Act, and Brown v. the Board of Education. While many of these cases were pending, Democrats proudly adopted the name “The Party of White Supremacy” and committed every inhumane violent act known to mankind (from 1867 to 1977) to keep blacks in “their place.” And to add insult to injury, after killing millions of blacks through their racist institutions, they hired powerful attorneys to keep this information from blacks and to avoid apologizing to blacks.

Perryman said, “Any organization that has such a racist history and receives 97% of the African American vote (after doing all they could to deny blacks the right to vote), should willingly apologize without being forced do so through a lawsuit. He said, “I guess they feel they have nothing to apologize for.” Perryman went on to say that he is “convinced that Democrats will only apologize if the media, or the courts (with public pressure) will force them to do so. The man who authored the book: The Audacity of Hope, now has the “audacity” to refuse to apologize for his political party and their racist institutions, that took the lives of millions of his own people.

Apologies for Racism – Precedent Set

In the 40-page brief covering a period from 1792 to 2011, Perryman makes the following claims regarding past apologies for racism and racial injustices. Perryman said history reveals that an apology or reparation for blacks would not be an issue today had the Democratic President Andrew Johnson chosen to sign Senate Bill 60. Since Johnson’s veto of Senate Bill 60, the door for reparations involving racial injustices remained closed for over 120 years. In 1988, Congress opened that door with the passage of the Civil Liberties Act of 1988. Under that new bill, Japanese internment victims received an apology plus $20,000 each in reparation pay. In 1993, the victims of the Rosewood, Florida Massacre received an apology and reparations from the State of Florida. On May 16, 1997, President Clinton issued an apology to the victims of the Tuskegee Experiment and paid the African American victims a total of $10,000,000 in reparations. On February 7, 2005, the 109th Congress issued Senate Resolution 39 and apologized for not enacting lynching laws to protect those who were victims of lynching. In that resolution, Congress stopped short of acknowledging that all of the lynchings took place in regions controlled by Democrats. And finally on January 20, 2007, the Executive Committee of the Democratic Party of North Carolina apologized for the 1898 riot and massacre that killed several black Republicans and drove them out of office. See attached copy of the brief.

Who is Rev. Perryman?

Rev. Perryman is the same Seattle minister who used his biblical research in 1994 to persuaded the world's two largest Christian publishers and the Encyclopedia Britannica to apologize and remove the “Curse of Ham” theory from all of their publications. The curse theory had existed for over 500 years and was used by Southern Christians and Democrats to justify slavery and their mistreatment of blacks.

09-20-2011, 12:55 AM
The silence is deafening.

09-20-2011, 05:56 AM
I did think it would get many replies.
Just how are they going to argue blacks demanding an apology for the democrat parties past abuses?

Call them racists???

Not to worry though. The MSM will try its best to bury this.

09-20-2011, 12:13 PM
I wouldn't be surprised if Rule 11 were applied to whatever legal counsel may have filed this.

It is sanctionable for any attorney to waste the time of the federal courts with frivolous actions.

I'm sure this is indeed a voluminous and worthy brief, but the problem is that there cannot be a legal requirement that anyone apologize for himself or for others.

There would not appear to be a colorable claim of actionable damages, nor any violation of law, nor any civil tort claim. If you think there is, what would it be?

That this is not a serious thing, and instead a political thing, ought to be clear from two factors.

Mrs. Frances P. Rice, the Chair of the National Black Republican Association is also a plaintiff in the lawsuit.

The second is the very use of the term black, as Trump said as well. Pretty old school, at least 20 years or more out of date, and not how they're referred to.

Blacks from the west coast and the east coast? LOL! Highly specific there.

Frankly, that Obama did NOT apologize to African-Americans for their country's treatment of them under the law is probably a good thing, that his detractors ought to applaud.

At least, certainly, HAD he made such an apology, you would have objected, loudly.

It's only the tweak factor here you like<s>, and by tweaking, I mean your crystal-meth induced mental disorders.</s>-- admit it.

09-20-2011, 01:55 PM
hehe I wonder why the National Black Republican Association din't file this same suit against Bush JR., or did they and i missed it?

09-20-2011, 02:17 PM
George Jr. isn't responsible for the actions of Andrew Jackson (D).

Problem is, neither is Obama. Or if he might be, there's this little thing called a statute of limitations that may have expired after the passing of what, 150 years?

They named him supposedly because of something he wrote in one of his biographies? Well that settles it, obviously.

As to the sanctions I suggested might apply? Rule 11 only applies to attorneys, and apparently, the chief plaintiff is not an attorney and may have written the brief himself, in which case this rule does not apply.

09-29-2011, 08:08 PM
How's this <s>publicity stunt</s> lawsuit proceeding?

Surely the district court will fast-track its consideration, as important as it is?

The REAL question is, will these plaintiffs show the same dogged dead-ender determination to pursue its dismissal all the way up to the SCOTUS, so that ALL federal levels of courts can dismiss it as without merit and stating no actual cause of action, as Oirly Taitz has manfully done?

And if they do, where will they get the money?

10-03-2011, 01:55 PM
What's the latest on this extremely important lawsuit?

I know the lamestream media won't cover it, but surely, the kinds of places you guys read would.

What are THEY saying???

10-05-2011, 11:49 AM
Since discovery will probably ensue immediately, I can hardly wait!

Any updates on the district court's calendaring of this? Any updates on the docket, to show their follow-on filings for allowed discovery, probably to include exhuming Andrew Jackson for some tough (but fair) questioning?

This is a serious matter, so I assume it will not be dropped to the curb by its touters.

10-05-2011, 03:48 PM
Have not seen anything.
Not surprising.